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All about Donald Trump!

The backbone of the Trump organization, Mr. Donald Trump, is a hardcore businessman, a socialite, an author and a famous TV personality. There are many ways to describe him. Born on June 14, 1946, Mr. Donald Trump is the man behind the real estate business of America. The real estate industry has been totally formulated by him in America. Trump Entertainment

Resorts is also a company, which is derived from the Trump organization and is in the business to promote casinos and hotels around the world. The TV reality show, The Apprentice, hosted by Mr. Donald Trump is very popular amongst the American (and the worldwide) audience.

If we throw some light into the past, we can come up with some interesting facts about Mr. Donald Trump. He developed a passion for real estate from his father, Fred Trump, who was also a businessman. Mr. Donald Trump did his graduation from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and had a degree in economics in the year 1968. Later on, he joined his father’s Trump organization. The achievement of Mr. Donald Trump is quite amazing, as he developed his own trait by following guidelines and maintaining a perfect discipline.

At the initial stage of his career, he transformed Commodore hotel into a Grand Hyatt. Soon after that, he made the famous Trump Tower in New York and also acquired Atlantic City Casinos and Eastern Shuttle. However, his effort to expand the business saw a setback. The company acquired many extravagant hotels, casinos and in this respect, the company lost a considerable amount. The loss was quite huge in number and left him totally bankrupt. The increasing
expenditure and costly lifestyle made him go further down the barrel in 1991. Several financial organizations cited the example of Trump organization to save their firms.

This was a huge setback for Mr. Donald Trump. The company, which was started by his father, eventually came to an end. The company did try to recover its loss in 2005, when the Trump entertainment resorts regained its position and headed back to normal business activities.

However, again the company could not get through its bad times and soon was affected by the nasty blows of 2008 recession. A loan of $40 million was pending and the government was not there to save the company this time. So, Mr. Donald Trump, the organizational head of Trump Organization, backed out and filed a bankruptcy of Chapter 11.

To summarize the whole situation, the growth of the Trump organization has been phenomenal. There were many real estate companies, who cited the perfect example of Trump organization and leadership of Mr. Donald Trump to inspire their set of companies. Many people dreamed about the extravagant buildings and amazing hotels, which were build during the early time of Mr. Donald Trump. Even though things have been difficult recently, people praise Trump for his
contribution to different industries. He could have managed things better. However, the example, which he has set through persistent work and innovative mindset, leaves a scope for everyone to learn.

This article was written by Rupal.

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