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An ideal family vacation is on the beaches of Spain

The arrival of the summer season means it is time for that annual family vacation. Every family always goes into a dilemma at this point of time in choosing the perfect spot for their family vacation as whichever location they decide to visit, it should be suitable for both the adults and the kids.

Family vacations that are child friendly are easier to find due to the numerous summer camps that are set up everywhere specially catering to the kids. There are many summer beaches in Spain that are great places for a vacation and definitely the perfect choice for that family vacation. In fact, the beaches around the city of San Sebastian serve that purpose very well.

San Sebastian is a charming city in the Northern region of Spain better known as Basque country. It has numerous beaches and is a famous holiday spot during the summer season. When you plan a family vacation, one of the major priorities that are at the back of everyone’s mind is safety, security and comfortable facilities. All the beaches in and around San Sebastian are thankfully well equipped and safe options for the whole family. The beaches around the city are known for several things.

The Concha beach is known for its fine grain sand that is radiant with its golden brown shade and offers a host of facilities for the tourist crowd. Thanks to the Concha bay within which it has been cocooned, the beach has calm waters that are great to swim in. The beach has security and safe features with lockers, life guards and even a sports section for beach games.
Zurriola beach is another sandy section by the coast that attracts a lot of surfers all through the year as it is a sea facing stretch. With major redevelopment that happened more than a decade ago, this is one major hotspot for beach activities and a preferred beach for family vacations. One can hire surf boards or even learn to surf here while a children’s centre takes care of their needs during summer. In addition, explore the city and the region as well during days away from the beach. On par with Concha beach, this beach must definitely figure in your family vacation plans.

Ondaretta, Hendaia, Zarautz and Getaria are some other beaches that are located close to this city. They offer a whole host of facilities that cater to the family. These smaller beaches have a little less crowd as well thus giving you and your family a little more free space on your family vacation. Despite being a little away, every necessary facility is within reach with good restaurants and hotels all close by. Getting to the city and the beaches is easy too with good air and road connections to the city. With a great family crowd at the beach during the summer seasons, your whole family is definitely bound to have quite a lot of fun. Head down to San Sebastian for your family vacation this summer and have a great holiday!

This article was written by Rupal.

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