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Are chocolate and love really related?

From kids to the advanced in years, chocolates are a favourite among all. Every season, every festival and every occasion sees chocolates distributed in abundance. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day, Christmas, or any other event imaginable, chocolates exchange hands like nothing else. This widespread and unquestionable popularity of chocolates just goes to show that love and chocolate are related in ways deeper than we acknowledge.

Chocolates are the language of love. They win hearts. Every boy who has ever tried to woo a girl knows the kind of leverage of box of chocolates can do to his efforts. Every to-be mother can testify how chocolates soothed her when she had that particular craving for Belgian chocolates. And there is no getting started on how much kids love chocolates. Give a crying kid a chocolate and watch his face light up with joy. Chocolates are engrained in our lives in more ways that we even know.

And like all believable facts, there is science to back this up. Chocolates have the interesting capability of influencing brain activity. It is known to produce feelings of well being while simultaneously lowering inhibitions. Chocolates not only spread love, they are also healthy. Chocolates are known to keep blood pressure in check and have been proved to be effective anti-depressants. Chocolates lift moods around the world like no words or actions can.

Of all the chocolates in the world, Belgian chocolates are the most beloved of all. They taste exquisite and are popular for their long-lasting aroma that can make you feel like you are floating. Made from the best quality cocoa beans, Belgian chocolates have been around for centuries, with a recipe that can only be topped by itself. Although on the slightly expensive side, Belgian chocolates are the finest in quality and taste. Nothing shows you love and care as a gift of Belgian chocolates.

So if there is an anniversary or a birthday coming up, and you aren’t sure if what you have got your loved one is enough, add a box of chocolates. Its easy on the pocket, and it’s a great gesture. Chocolates are always a hit and everybody loves receiving them. They reflect intimacy and attachment, and without anybody noticing, you grow closer to the person.
So buy a box of chocolates, preferably Belgian chocolates, and show somebody you care today.

This article was written by Rupal.

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