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Bally’s Las Vegas

Bally’s is a casino located in the Nevada state of the United States of America. It is in the playhouse of the world, Las Vegas in Paradise, in the South Boulevard of the Las Vegas Strip. Bally’s represents the Contemporary Las Vegas with its fun and happening lifestyle.

The Bally’s Casino also incorporates a very large hotel. It has 2,814 rooms which are very spacious and luxurious. Bally’s Casino and Hotel opened way back in the year 1973. It was officially inaugurated on the 5th September, 1973. Bally’s is owned by Harrah’s Entertainment. Harrah’s Entertainment also owns the Ceasers Palace.

The casino has been featured in the blockbuster movies ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’ which was starred in by Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicholas Cage. The Demi Moore and Robert Redford hit ‘Indecent Proposal’ was also shot here. Now, the Virtual Casino game, and The Grand Theft Auto also features the casino captivating its full charm.

From the time of its inception in the month of July in the year 1963, Bally’s has been renovated thrice: 1981, 1994 and then ten years later in 2004. Bally’s when it first opened in 1963 was named as the Bonanza Hotel and Casino. In 1973, the New Bonanza Hotel, renamed as the MGM Grand, was the largest hotel in the world with the building cost of 106 million dollars! Until the opening of the Mirage in the year 1989, the MGM Grand was the largest hotel in the entire strip of the Las Vegas. The 1980 MGM fire was a disaster which led to the destruction of the entire Casino and Hotel, and 85 casualties were recorded. The hotel was then repaired at the staggering cost of 50 million dollars. During this process, 732 more rooms were added to the hotel in a brand new tower. In the year 1985, the hotel was brought by Bally’s Entertainment Corporation to the tune of 594 million dollars. In this process it was renamed to Bally’s Casino and Hotel. Ceaser’s Entertainment later bought it from the Hilton Group of Hotels in the year 2003 and now it is presently owned by Harrah’s Entertainment since 2004.

Bally’s runs ‘Jubilee!’- Its permanent and longest running show with the best showgirls. It is a true spectacle to watch and a must-see for all Bally’s guests. Another must-see attraction is the ‘Garden Walkaway’, also called as Bally’s Walkway, with its lights and awe-inducing atmosphere. The famous restaurants include 22nd Club Lounge, Johnny’s Deicatessen, al-Dante, the very famous Indigo Lounge and Java Coast.  ‘Bally’s Stakehouse’ is cozy and homely, yet very private. ‘Sully’s Bar’ is a game lover’s paradise with the modern ‘Bowling-alley’ theme and numerous Video Games. ‘Nosh’ is your everyday Café experience with a Bally’s touch. It houses it’s very popular, Nathan’s Hotdogs. The first thing you will notice in the ‘Great Kitchen Buffet’ is the view of the Las Vegas. Side by Side you can enjoy the cuisine made by award-winning chefs.

So, come to Bally’s for a time to remember!

This article was written by Ridhi Rajpal.

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