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Be Prepared When Selling A Lotto Product On Ebay

There is something about selling a lotto product on eBay that has got me wondering a lot; and it’s not a ‘good’ wonder. I’m thinking some eBay users experience the same thing regarding Detailer seller rating, otherwise refereed to as DSR.

All selling sites have DSR, or at least a version of it. This way, a buyer will be able to rate the services of the seller according to the shipping, the payment and other services offered to the buyer by the seller. One can give one to five stars depending on what the services of the seller. Now, this is where the problem comes in, especially when it comes to selling a lotto product

When you sell a lotto product, you will be more inclined to have a lower rating than what you had at the beginning of the year for a single sale that did not work out well. in a sense, the DSR rating does not applaud you for the times you have made a good sale, but rather will drop drastically for an error that was made that has nothing  to do with you.

To explain further, I’m going to describe what exactly happened. I was selling a book about lotto, which is a lotto product. This was then reported in my profile as not the book that the buyer wanted. Given that we were both operating on the premise that this was the book that the buyer wanted, I was expecting more of a civil approach now that my DSR rating was a 4.9. The book was not exactly in the best of shapes when it was brought back and to ad salt to injury, I was supposed to refund the money back to the buyer. The buyer wrote a review but gave a rating of 1star which did not help much.

The DSR rate dropped significantly after that one instant and brought the potential for making sales very low for me. it is still a wonder  if it happens when selling a lotto product or simply anything on eBay. How come the rate of DSR drop is so high when a mistake is made while the rate of DSR rise is so slow when you make a sale and the seller is satisfied?  People will los confidence on a seller they are supposed to be having confidence in when the DSR drops at the same rate.

Given the fact that eBay is the largest of its kind in the world, it would be polite leave a DSR rating for a seller whether or not you are buying a lotto product. If you benefit from good services, giving a good rating will keep the seller at a higher pedestal with the rest of the market in eBay.

Interestingly, and sadly so the DSR rating will drop even when you do not sell anything on eBay. It is like what qualifies you for a drop in the DSR rating is the presence of a profile on eBay. If the DSR is something so important to the sellers and buyers at eBay, it should ease the penalties on sellers. This way, a seller who wants to sell a lotto product will not have to risk so much.

This article was written by Alexis.

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