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Binion’s Horseshoe

Binion’s Horseshoe is located in downtown Las Vegas. It is a fabulous experience. The street it is located in is the Freemont Street and everything on this street is one of a kind and is considered mandatory if you are visiting the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada, U.S.A. Binion’s Horseshoe is based on the theme of traditional Old School Las Vegas which was mostly Gambling, Women and lots and lots of money. The Binion’s Horseshoe is famous for holding the World Poker Series which attracts poker fans from all over the world. The Gambling arena then seems to be over flowing at this place.

The Binion has three restaurants and a rooftop pool. The hotel has 366 spacious and luxurious rooms. The hotel emphasizes on its plus point, which is gambling. Here there are not many sources of entertainment shows. So if you like to play casino games, then this is your destination. This was the first Casino to include high table limits that have currently gone up to 10000 dollars.

Earlier it was the entire Binion Family that looked after the business. The kitchen, the casino and the hotel was personally supervised. The Binion Casino and Hotel was initially was a made up of the two hotels, Eldorado Club and Apache Hotel. Benny Binion was a big believer of ethics in Gambling. The World Poker Series, since their inception in 1970, by Jack Binion, have been a grand success. Just for this purpose, the hotel bought ‘Mint’ and expanded their casino and made an exclusive poker room.

In 2003, the Binion’s Horseshoe was sold to the famous Harrah’s Entertainment and later re-sold to MTR Gaming group. The hotel has been extensively remodeled since. As on December 14, 2009, the hotel rooms stopped from functioning. Before this, for a good one and a half decade, the Binion was under a lot of strife from the law. The debt and other awful things kept the Binion away from the favorable eyes of the Gamblers. Benny Binion’s aim was to give his customers Good Food and Good Game. This was the first hotel to offer to its customers a free transport to and from the airport.

Most of the natives say that Downtown Las Vegas was never the same after Benny Binion. The beloved Gambling Poker display of the Binion, which was during the course of its history was sold and lost but prized nevertheless, was restored by TLC entertainment with much fanfare and joy. The various tag lines associated with the Binion are: “Everyone’s Favourite Place to Play” and “Binions: We made Poker famous.”

Now Harrahs Entertainment owns the Horseshoe brand name. But people still remember the Binion as the original lover of good gaming. There are various restaurants in the Binion: The Steakhouse which offers you the perfect gaming cuisine. It offers a mouth-watering menu and deservedly is known for it. Then there is ‘Benny’s Bullpen’ which is very famous among its revelers.

This article was written by Ridhi Rajpal.

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