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Casino News: Bingo player wins £18,000 jackpot in world record time on first ever game

Casino news reports that one very fortunate bingo player on the William Hill Bingo website has done what seems to be the world record for quickest ever win in a bingo game. Darryl Howe is ready to assert the world record for the fastest ever bingo win after taking the £18,000 jackpot just barely into the first game. Twenty-four year old Mr. Casino news reports that Darryl Howe, beat enormous odds of more than 93 billion to one when his 15-number full house came in after just twenty three calls.

His win came just less than hour, forty minutes to be exact, after he opened an account on the William Hill Bingo website. Experts have now contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to verify if it is the fastest full house ever. Mr Darryl Howe is now not only considerably richer, but could get his name in the Guinness Book of Records.

Mr Darryl Howe, of Moreton in Marsh, Glos, proclaimed that: ”I guessed it was just beginners luck when I won.”

”But I was totally gob smacked when William Hill told me how extraordinary the game was and the odds of that happening. I might get my name in the record books.” Casino news gathers that Mr. Darryl Howe was not only excited with his winnings but the prospect of his name being in the Guinness Book of World Records. The Guinness Book of World Records is the ultimate authority on record-breaking achievement, providing information about superlative facts and feats.

Jennie Prest, spokeswoman for William Hill Bingo, told casino news: ”None of our staff or customers with a lot of bingo playing experience has ever seen a game unfold as quickly as this one. “

Jennie Prest also said ”We believe it is a record and are exploring the possibility of getting in the Guinness Book of World Records. “

”We can’t find examples of a quicker 90 ball game, but are interested in hearing from anyone who knows more – at those odds, it must be very rare.”

According to the casino news the exact odds of getting a full house with 15 numbers in 23 calls in a 90 ball bingo game are 93,400,706,414 to one.

Online bingo is the simply a game of bingo played on the Internet. Casino news found out from The Global Betting and Gaming Consultants estimates that the global gross gaming yield of bingo not including the United States was $0.5 billion USD in 2006; casino news forecast that it will grow to $1.0 billion USD by 2010.

There are two types of bingo being played all around the globe. North America commonly plays the 75-ball bingo on a 5×5 card. In Australia, Europe, South America and the UK they play a 90-ball game, marked on a 9×3 card. Casino news reports that both types of bingo are prominent online.

In the ninety-ball bingo version, each card contains three lines across and nine columns. Each of the line has five numbers, therefore meaning each card has 15 numbers. The first column has the numbers one to ten, the second column contains numbers from eleven to twenty, and the third column contains numbers from twenty one to thirty, all the way through to the final column which contains numbers from eighty-one to ninety.

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