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Casino News: Online Poker Cheating is Easy

Casino news reports that reading forums over the majority of poker sites, it seems that many poker players are concerned about the prospect of deception in online poker. The reason that poker sites fix the decks is to create the sites more money in rake or give fresh players false luck, so they get drawn into the site.

Casino news so far has not heard any information of any bad deck that includes solid evidence backing. That doesn’t mean there are not, but the odds are doubtful.

Any online poker site knows that fixing decks would be the complete worst thing they could do to harm themselves. There are already poker software available like Poker Tracker that is capable of monitoring hand archives on the poker sites with an amazing amount of detail. Casino news reported that some capable players who have the ability have already encoded their own poker software.

What the software do, is generate databases of games that happen on the poker site, which is then run through to find anomalies. Although the majority of players would never have enough hand to make a case for deviance, casino news found veteran players would absolutely become aware of oddity in deck shuffles, drawing and other particulars using their trackers.

Currently on casino news is a document from top FBI official to U.S. Congressman Bachus that states online poker fraud can occur using quite a lot of methods. The anti-gambling crusader is currently gathering whatever proof he can get to reduce the momentum behind regulation of online gambling. He revealed that the letter at the House Financial Services Committee hearing on Internet gaming.

Casino news reports that the letter was made by FBI Assistant Director Shawn Henry in charge of the cyber division on November 13th. Assistant Director Shawn Henry asserts that players can come together or take advantage of technology to unnaturally affect outcomes at Internet poker.

“There are more than a few ways to cheat at online poker, all of which are illegal.” wrote Henry. “The online poker sites could identify this and put software to guard against cheating, although it is uncertain what the reason would be for the site.”

Casino news reports that the planned regulation could necessitate approved online gambling sites to use software to watch out against fraud. The regulation is also meant to prevent laundering and underage players. Without government oversight, guest at online poker sites are left susceptible to the manoeuvring A.D. Shawn Henry describes.

Online poker fraud at two sites, Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, was exposed by sharp-eyed players, who carefully documented improbable play outcomes to finally disclose corrupted software used by the mentioned gambling sites. Surely, sites that are well-protected against fraud would have the motivation of drawing business from other sites that could not confirm honest online games.

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