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Casino news: Proposed Leisure Attraction imminent

East Manchester super casino proposed site to be turned into a leisure attraction with global implication. This casino news is already underway.

The two companies involve in this casino news are Apollo Resorts and Leisure Ltd, and New East Manchester. Urban Regeneration Company New East Manchester and Apollo Resorts and Leisure Ltd are already deep into the discussion, thus they have already begun the development of the land.

The Manchester City Football Club in most likelihood will be a part of this thrilling project, The involvement of the Manchester City Football Club will bring about a global significance to the ’sport, leisure and entertainment attraction.

An Apollo Resorts and Leisure Ltd spokesman said: “It has been a very long process in effective working partnership with New East Manchester, Manchester City Council, the football club and the community and everyone is hopeful the plans will come together.”

The Manchester City Football Club has already confirmed taking more than a slight interest in the development project. All the participants have agreed of a very strict confidentially accord over the particulars of the project. Despite the coverage given by casino news people on the project, the Manchester City football club has refused to talk any further when asked by the Advertiser.

A public discussion has already begun. It is currently happening on the difficult work required to make the site. The project site runs around the east side of the City of Manchester Stadium and along the Alan Turing Way. The area is already for construction according to casino news.

The seventeen-acre piece of land is part of a bigger thirty eight acre area that includes a famous mine. Much work will be required to fix the underground shafts and structures before any more development can be done.

This casino news worthy project would already have been done if the local government had not made a complete about turn on its project to construct a Sportcity super casino.

More casino news from Eddie Smith, chief executive of New East Manchester said: “We need to prepare the ground so that it is ready to be built upon at a future date. We are currently evaluating proposals as part of the procurement process and hope to complete this in the coming months.”

He also said “We feel a proposal that offers a mix of leisure and entertainment facilities is the best use for the site but our main focus is to ensure whatever is delivered meets our key aims, bringing quality jobs for local resident, high numbers of guest and a plan that has the credentials we aim for.”

Also, veteran leisure entrepreneur Paul Gregg told casino news media that “City Village” would be “a mix of sport and entertainment” although finer details were still being thrashed out with the football club and Manchester City Council.

Local residents of East Manchester have been invited to see ground work plans of this casino news grabbing headline project at a drop-in session at the Sportcity Visitors’ Centre last Thursday January 21 between 3pm and 8pm.

This article was written by Alexis.

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