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Casino News: Valencia Opens New Casino in 2010

Currently, the premier casino news is happening in the highly urban avenue of Cortes Valencianes. Cortes Valencianes is one of the main business centers of the capital and where the first Casino de Valencia is beginning to take shape. The new casino according to casino news is located in Cortes Valencianas, very near the Palacio de Congreso. Despite the financial crisis, twelve million euros have been invested, the casino plans to open its doors in summer 2010.

According to casino news, the new casino will be managed by the same group who owns the close by Casino Monte Picayo. The new casino will have a contemporary design, and two floors. The top level will be the games room, and below will be a cafeteria and bar. This will be the first and only casino in the city.

Gambling in Spain is legal and liberalized. As anyone who has experienced the craziness of Gordo lottery would understand, the people of Spain love to gamble on anything whether on lottery, sports, cards or casinos. The new casino will be welcomed by the Valencians and the nearness to the football stadium gives the townsfolk plenty of reason to come to this corner of the city.

Initially in casino news, it was declared that this casino project would replace the renowned casino Monte Pelayo by the end of the year. This new gaming venue was intended to attract a younger set of patrons. The famed designer Nacho Moscardó was tapped to decorate the interior of the building.

Cirsa has kept quite on its plan for the Monte Picayo according to casino news. One of the companies option is to demolish it and the other is to do a restoration project. At any rate, the most optimal thing to do for Monte Picayo is to use the hotel. The project wil have to be put on hold until 2012, when based on realistic forecasting the financial crisis has already ended.

Architect José María Lozano is lead designer for the casino and the refurbishments said that Valencia will be the first sustainable casino in Spain. In casino news, José María Lozano plans to install solar panels that will generate energy to the casino. The solar panels will save the casino thirty to sixty percent in energy, which above and beyond what the state legislation requires.

The casino building is also being designed to be eco-friendly, because all the materials were brought in from a radius of no greater than 100 kilometers so the cost in transportation and fuel is mitigated. Casino news reported that Architect José María Lozano is also designing the hydro efficiency of the building. He plans to do this by passing the water used in the air conditioning through a disinfection treatment so it could then be used as sanitary hot water.

Casino news reported that Architect José María Lozano says that Valencia will be the first casino with a new plant. The plant is built by Cirsa, one of the most influential companies in the gaming sector.

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