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David Vamplew; The Ept Champion

There is a new poker sensation in town by the name of David Vamplew. The EPT London main event was an event that attracted close to 850 players from all over the world, all of whom did not match the skills of the young David.  This is the second time that this player was winning a live event, the first one which he walked away a $6000 cash prize. Hailing from Scotland, David was trying his luck at winning the EPT and was looking to contend with tough opponents like John Juanda, who has won the WSOP championship four times before.

The Hilton metropolis was the venue hosting the live event and towards the end of the day, David Vamplew was third in chip numbers.  Juanda was a favorite to win the EPT title and he was naturally expecting to walk home with a fifth title. As expected, Juanda’s chips were more than David’s and they had to go head-to-head for the finals of the game. Again, Juanda was getting the upper hand in the head-to-head competition and at the final break managed to increase the number of his chips to be in the lead. This was unexpected, but   a lead nonetheless. The lead that David Vamplew took at the final turn is what gave him victory, since the champ Juanda was not able to get up from the blow.

Now to the nitty-gritty, John was having a lead in the game thanks to his experience against the 23 year old’s. Juanda moved all his chips with K2 and was called by the A3 on David’s side. This was the blow for Juanda, who was not able to wake up to face the now aggressive game played by David Vamplew

For the 23 year old Scotsman, this is a great achievement, having rooted out a world champion who has won more than several awards. Juanda has earned more than $1.6 million for all his titles this year and was expected to move further up the scale although he had to settle for second place award of £545,000 which he won in London. This second place earned him about 1600 points which placed him way above David Vamplew although David’s win definitely took the chance from him to add another feather to his cap.

This year’s EPT was the largest ever held in Europe with the largest attraction of players who were more than 843. By the time David Vamplew was playing, Juanda, they had gone through all the elimination stages. Vamplew is the fourth form his homeland to win the challenge and the award of that amount. There were other winners at the EPT, where the high roller event was also held. Jose Barbero is a renowned player with alot of experience which saw him bag his fourth victory. This year, this player has won more than $1.8million making this one of the most attractive sports for people who love poker. David Vamplew is looking up to his new challenges, and a lot more champions to beat.

This article was written by Alexis.

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