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Enjoy A Vacation At The Squaw Creek Resort

Visitors to Lake Tahoe will love staying at the Squaw creek resort which is a home away from home for those who want to get away from it all. There are interesting accommodation packages in this resort, and its location near the lake itself makes it all the more attractive.

Among the amenities in this world class resort are a golf course, swimming pools, biking trails and ice-skating rink for those who love the sport. In an idyllic mountainous setting, you will love the quiet and peace while enjoying the spa, the health and fitness center among other amenities in the Squaw creek resort. If you love shopping and fine dining, this resort will give you more than you expected.

You can choose from among seven packages when you book accommodation at the Squaw creek resort. There is the romance, golf, spa, ski, family, meetings and special offer packages. This article will give you a sneak peak into each and every package, so you know what to expect.

The romance package in the Squaw creek resort involves two mini packages from which you can make a choice. Both are perfect for lovers who want to get away and rekindle their love life. The high sierra indulgence and the romance in the sierra mini packages are out of this world with each offering uniquely tasty features. The romance in the sierra consists of accommodation in a suite with a fireplace, dinner and spa services as well as champagne. High sierra indulgence consists of accommodation, spa treatment and dinner.

The Squaw creek resort golf package involves transportation accommodation and the use of the amenities of the resort. In-house coffee and tea will be provided as well as wireless internet connection in the rooms. golf packages are dependent on the time of the year and the demand. The spa package is filled with a lot of activities to rejuvenate your body. Bed and breakfast is available too.

The ski package in the Squaw creek resort has the basics of all the other packages and the specific one that are unique to the package.  Some of these include expert advice and ski lessons. You will be using the health and fitness center, the spa and other activities you may want to indulge in. family packages are interesting, and have been made cheap for large families. Rooms are larger and depend on sleeping arrangements. Families are served breakfast in their rooms or choose to eat in the dining rooms.

Amenities like the swimming pools and ice skating rink as well as biking trails will be a great way to spend your vacation.

As for those who will be arranging meetings in Squaw creek resort, you will be treated to world class service in this top of the range 4 star resort. All the members of your trip can sky dive for free after their meetings and have a feel of the environment.

Rooms in this resort have the amenities like coffee makes, hair driers, video games, refrigerators and movies, to ensure you stay in maximum luxury at Squaw creek resort.

This article was written by Alexis.

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