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How to play blackjack?

Blackjack is also known as twenty one and is a card game that is very quick as well as popular because of the simple rules and also the betting options that are straight forward. This is one of the card games that a lot of people enjoy. This is played in casinos and is as popular as the roulette. Blackjack is played with a set of 52 cards with no jokers or wild cards.

This is a one of the card games that you will need to understand the objective to play the game. Each of the cards in the deck represents an equivalent number of points with some exceptions. The suits do not matter in this type of card games. Three of hearts is worth 3 points while an eight of diamonds is for eight points and this is how it goes on.

All the cards between two and ten are just worth their face value. In this card games jack, queens and kings are all for ten points. Aces are one or eleven and this depends on which value aids the player the most. The player as well as the dealer in this game receives two cards during the first round. The player’s cards are normally dealt face down for the sake of privacy but this is not really necessary for the game.

The dealer has a card in face view and another down this is the same as roulette. There is no evaluation of the card in the first round by the dealer. If a ten valued card along with an ace appears in the first round then the player can declare a black jack. If the total is 21 then the player can get a card from the dealer. This is referred to as the hit. If the hand is very close to 21 then the player has a choice of taking a card or not. This is stand.

The player cannot change his mind once he decides to stand. He is betting that the hand of the house will be lower than his or hers. If not, the dealer will get a high point card that will cause him to bust. A tie is referred to as push in black jack. All bets are returned when there is a push. This brings up betting in blackjack. This is a break even game. Using the minimal betting amount is the best as an opening bet. Two cards are distributed to everyone.

The first card of the dealer is turned over so that everyone there sees the value. The second card however faces down unless and until the combination is a black jack or 21. The house then wins all the bets at this point and the round is then over. If the dealer does not get a black jack then the points of the individual player become very vital. If the total is under 14 then you can get another card from the dealer and if it is over 21 then the player is out of the game.

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