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How to Play Tahoe Poker

Tahoe Poker is widely played across most traditional casinos and even a few online casinos. In fact there are many kinds of tournaments based on Tahoe Poker as well ranging from shootout to re-buys. But first it is important to completely understand the hows of the game.

Firstly Tahoe poker as a game is a mixture of various forms of Poker such as the Texas Holdem and Pineapple poker. In fact it is more similar to Pineapple poker and Tahoe is sometimes even called the lazy pineapple. Like in pineapple poker the players are all dealt with three hold cards. But Tahoe Poker unlike pineapple discards no cards. Instead hands are played out as in the case of Texas Holdem and Omaha, with variation players can still use one, two or none of their cards. Players normally seldom use all three cards. Also the one main restriction in Tahoe poker card use is when commonly played with the poker game with a high/low split.

Let us study in brief the Tahoe poker hand. The Tahoe poker hand begins with the dealer giving each of the players’ three hole cards. Following this the first round of betting starts and on completion the cards are burned from the deck and the flop after which three community cards are dealt. The second round of betting then follows, then another card is burnt again from the deck and the flop and the fourth community card is dealt. The third round of betting follows and after which the same process of one card is burnt and the river, which is the fifth and last community card is dealt. The players reveal the five card hand that they have made using 0, 1, or 2 of their hole cards. But if a high/low split is being played then there is a qualifying low hand, while the half pot is won by the low hand the other half of the pot is won by the best hand. Following this process the cards are cleared up and another hand of Tahoe Poker is ready for a go.

Tahoe poker game involves strategy and the players with the best strategy obviously stand the best chances of winning. Let us look at some of the strategies that players normally adopt. Some players think Tahoe Poker is Omaha with one less card and this is not always true.

They just share the same levels for making big hands but Tahoe however does not always follow those specifications of how many cards may be used. This makes the board in Tahoe Poker more dangerous as players in Tahoe Poker can make hands using only the board or one of their three cards unlike in Omaha. It is for this reason that it is easier to make big hands in tahoe because players have one more card compared to Texas Holdem and can use any number of the cards as long as they do not use all cards.

Thus Tahoe is just an interesting variation of poker that can be easily learnt and skill can be developed.

This article was written by Rupal.

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