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How to spot if your opponent is cheating in poker

Your opponents can cheat in two specific ways in Poker: the classical way and the modern way. The classical way has the old fashioned methods that are good enough to take you through in the private games but may not be good enough for the games played in the casinos and places where you have dealers.

The classical way of cheating in poker has a lot of techniques like the following:

 Stacking the deck
 Delivering losing hands to marks that are unsuspecting
 Colluding with the false shuffle to dealer
 Sneaking in a cold deck that is pre arranged
 Bending or daubing cards

Cheating in games has been century old and there is no reason why cheating in Poker would not happen. Let us discuss some of the common methods that are adopted while cheating in Poker.

Collusion with Players: This is a type of cheating that is more prevalent in the smaller and the buy-in tournaments. What players typically do is to have a prior agreement and they pass information through hand signals. Players do have a perception that since the game is based on trickery and deception, they can resort to any kind of deceptive techniques. This is definitely unethical.

Dumping the chip: The Players dump chip in order to sacrifice their interests for other players of course such that these players have a mutual agreement beforehand. What this ensures that when two players get together with an intention of cheating in Poker, both of them benefit. This is because when one player dumps the chips in favor of the other, both of them will share the spoils at a later period. Dumping the chip gives cheating in games a whole new dimension.

Angle Shooting: Angle shooting again is a common sense trick, used for cheating in games involving Poker variants. A player with an intention to cheat holds the hand in a certain angle deliberately so that the other players are also induced to fold their hands out of turn. This is an unethical practice because this gives the player access to information that the player is not supposed to know. Hence, angle shooting is another very common method of cheating in Poker.

Cheating Online: This type of cheating lends a technological edge and takes the cheating to a different dimension altogether. Cheating in games online can take different dimensions and can really make a fool out of an opponent? There is software, specifically made for this purpose that collects information on the hand movements of a specific player. This information is then analyzed and patterns are detected to find out and predict what the player might possibly do when the player is actually playing. The opponent of the player can plan the moves, depending on the moves of the player whose information was collected.

Cheating in Poker thus is about common sense and using technology. With so much of cheating in games, you need to be aware about the discussed techniques to prevent yourself becoming a victim!

This article was written by Rupal.

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