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If You Are A Cheating Online Poker Player, Be Warned

Cheating online poker players are in their hundreds of thousands and since many people are knowledgeable on how to handle software, there are a lot more scammers out there than there are real players. Playing poker online has enabled a lot more people to cut corners and win more money at the expense of the people who read and study the trends before playing a game of poker.  It is no longer the poker we are used to, at the moment is seems better to play live poker rather than online poker because of the high chances of losing the game to deviant players.

While many people play poker for the fun of it, there is nothing good about losing the games over and over again and losing the money you placed on bet. Even if you are playing for fun and you have taken the time to study the trends, cheating online poker players will have cut corners and gone ahead of you, which is unfair.

How cheating online poker is done is through software which gives them a better chance of winning the game than you. Enhance player assistance devices are also used to cheat honest players of their money and to add money to the cheaters’ accounts.  There is a way of giving them a taste of their own medicine and it has nothing to do with cheating them off their earnings as this will be the endorsement of cheating.

How poker sites get rid of cheating online poker is by the use of counter software, which will detect the use of enhance player assistance devices. After this detection, poker sites will prevent them from winning unfairly by penalizing them. Most of poker sites have terms and conditions that prohibit the use of these kinds of software to get the upper hand.

Poker sites will consider the terms and conditions to be warning enough to the cheating online poker player. For this reason, it will not tell the cheating player to leave the game, but it will intentionally misdirect the cheating player to lose. So, if you have been winning by cheating, it is time you mend your ways, since you may not play poker soon.

The cheating online poker counter software uses and algorithm to get rid  of poker players who are cheating but there is a catch that is not very attractive, and this is the fact that there are many people who are caught by the algorithm while in the real sense they were not cheating. The algorithms are said to be very general in detection and some people caught were not really cheating in the first place.

If you are a really good player, there is a chance that you will be mistaken for a cheat. You may lose several times for being good, but it is not a cause for worry. What you need to do is sit down and learn how the algorithms work. You need to study your enemy so you can beat him and to prevent yourself from being victimized, one has to know how algorithms may victimize him to prevent being mistaken for a cheating online poker player.

This article was written by Alexis.

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