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Learning to Play Farkle

If you are in love with dice games, then you must try your hand at the exciting dice game of Farkle. This game is a very simple yet exciting dice game and you can play it in groups to enjoy it properly. For playing this game in groups, you will require a scorekeeper and since you will be playing with six dice, you will also need a dice cup for generating unbiased results. You will also have to use proper dice and make sure that there are no loaded dice in the game for the perfect random results.

The game of Farkle has an extremely fast pace since the main objective of the game is to generate 1200 points for yourself to secure a win. The person who reaches this magical figure wins the game. To start playing you must first understand both the rules and regulations and as well the scoring scheme of Farkle. You first need to roll the 6 dice together, preferably using a dice cup.

Next, you will have to collect the highest point generating dice from the group of 6 dice that you have rolled. Only 1 and 5 are the highest point generating numbers in this game. Therefore, if you have any of these two numbers you need to take them out from the group.

After this, you will have to see if you have any series in your throw r a straight. In case of that you do, you will get points for that as per the scoring rules and regulations. There are many players, who use loaded dice for this very purpose. They always tend to get a straight or number of five’s and one’s.

If after taking out the highest scoring dice or a straight, you have any more dice left then you will have to roll them again. in case you are not satisfied with the combination of winning numbers that you have received you can choose to re-roll all the dice again. However, there is a risk in doing so. If you get neither a high scoring dice nor a straight, then you will loose all your points.

Now we come to the section where we explain the point scoring rules and regulations. For getting a one, you will get 100 points. In case you get three 1’s then you will be getting 1000-point bonus. For scoring a 5, you will get 50 points and for getting a straight you will score 1500 points. Thus if you use a loaded dice then there is a chance that even if you use a dice cup, you will end up scoring very high. For three of a kind you will get 100 times the value of that number and four of a kind will get you hundred times that number and twice the value of the fourth number into hundred times. To enjoy this wonderful fast-paced high scoring game we suggest that you must use a dice cup for throwing and ensure that no one uses a loaded dice.

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