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Luxury Sailing Vacations Spots In The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean has been a favorite spot for the lovers of sailing and home to some of the best luxury sailing vacations. There is something about the Mediterranean that is just perfect for lovers of the sport. It is a new paradise, and interesting place to be to experience both the African and European cultures

Going for luxury sailing vacations in this part of the world is something else. It is a combination of wildlife, the cultures, the weather and the breeze of the Mediterranean. There has been an increase in tourism to these spots in the Mediterranean, and a yacht is the best means to savor the beauty of this part of the world.

When sailing in the Mediterranean on luxury sailing vacations you may not have the time to take a nap or since the scenes are just breath taking. You can take a yacht trip in one of the many yacht trips available. Sail on both the west and east Mediterranean to take in the beauty of   this sailing spot.

Many yacht trips in the Mediterranean will visit European destinations, and the major ones are in this article.

The French Riviera is beautiful and with the fame of France being the fashion capital of the world, you will not miss the glamour of the boutiques and restaurants in the Riviera.  Get the feel of the French culture and visit Cannes, Monaco and the ever elegant Portofino. St.Tropez is one of the finest spots for luxury sailing vacations. For its cafes and picturesque little villages and building, this is the place to be. As for the restaurants, you will enjoy the food and other tasty options of this little spot.

No matter how small Monaco is, it does not fail to impress and in the luxury sailing vacations you should not fail to make a stop in Monaco. it is famous for Monte-Carlo; a destinations for lovers of the nightlife and the large casinos. This is a jewel of the Mediterranean and with the yearly grand-prix held in the little principality you will have the memories of a lifetime to hold on to.

the Cannes film festival is an attraction for many famous people  and a great place to be in your luxury sailing vacations not only do you want to be there for the Cannes film festival, you want to be there for the culture, sights and sound of the French people. For those who want to have a taste of what the Italian coast has to offer, Portofino, a little coastal destination in the Italian coast has a lot. Here, you will enjoy the weather and the green vegetation. Portofino is referred to as the pearl of the Mediterranean and an attraction of the high and mighty for a long time. Here, you can partake of some interesting dishes in the small cafés and shop in the boutiques in Italy. As you take in the perfect sunlight and  the interesting culture, this will be one of the best luxury sailing vacations of your life.

This article was written by Alexis.

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