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Luxury Vacation Home Rental Tips; How Much Is Too Much?

A luxury vacation home rental is more expensive than a hotel so it is generally expected that the tips will be more than the tips in the hotel. It is interesting just how much people are less concerned about under tipping as they are concerned about over tipping the staff members in such a setting. What makes a luxury vacation home more expensive is because of the personalized services afforded to the clients. You will get more time at the spa and you will interact more with the staff at a luxury vacation home than at the hotel. With the tips that are in this article, you will learn how to tip them and not over tip them.

The rule of thumb is that you will tip the staff members you interact with more than those you will not have interacted with at the end of the stay. At a luxury vacation home rental the more you hassle, the less you should tip. If the service is great, tip more.  Most people will not make their own bookings of the vacation home rentals and will need the services of a third party. This person will book the places to stay according to your specifications. He will also book the activities you will engage in so your vacation is hassle free. if at the end of the day you are satisfied, a tip can be as much as $200.

A little bit of research might help you to know the range of tips offered in a luxury vacation home rental. What this means is that you need to have this background information about the place you are going to be staying before you get there. There has to be some reviews online you can read and learn of the services being offered as well as the tips. You can also determine for yourself the amount of tips from the services being offered at the vacation home you will be staying.

Look at the extra services that are provided just to make the vacation a memorable one, a tip accordingly. Of course, you will have to keep in mind the average tip for such a place. Some vacation homes have few members of staff who perform several functions.  A luxury vacation home rental like this may be smaller and handles a few people at the same time. If the service afforded to you is  over and above the expected service despite the  number of staff, you want to tip satisfactorily

Some members of staff at a luxury vacation home rental may engage you in conversation at the spa or even at the bar and this is very interesting and deserves a tip. Anything done to make you feel good, anything done by staff to make you feel better needs to be tipped. Was the security guard polite and did he greet you with a smile when you came in? This deserves a tip starting from at least $25.

Keep in mind the time you will be staying at the luxury vacation home rental and make sure your tips are as consistent as possible until the time you leave.

This article was written by Alexis.

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