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Playing Caribbean Stud Poker

When playing caribbean stud poker, a player will notice its distinct similarity to five-card stud poker. Caribbean stud poker is played against the house rather than other poker players and does not include bluffing. Because of the popularity of poker, it was meant to attract poker fans to playing Caribbean Stud Poker.

The following rules are common in U.S. casinos, differences occur for payout and limits. To begin play, every player places an ante bet. The wagers should be placed before the dealer announces “No More Bets”.  All the players will be dealt five cards face down. The dealer will turn up one of his cards, and then move it closer to the players, the players can then take a peek at their cards. The players cannot discuss their cards with other players.

Players at this point may choose to play or fold. If they opt to play, they place their wager in the bet box. If they opt to fold, they forfeit the ante. After the players have opted to play or fold, the dealer shows his hole card. The dealer only plays with an ace/king or higher. The dealer then compares his card to the other players from right to left.

The following are major rules that are observer when playing Caribbean stud poker at all times. First, a player can only play one hand. Players cannot bet on multiple hands at the table. Second, players opting for the progressive payout are responsible for ensuring the $1 bet has been placed in the slot and the indicator light is turned on. Third, when playing Caribbean stud poker, players cannot exchange or communicate information regarding their hands to the others. Violating player will result in a forfeit of all wagers. Fourth, when playing Caribbean stud poker, an incorrect number of cards dealt to the player mean a dead hand to that player only. The decision of the table/casino supervisor is final. If the dealer is dealt only four cards of the five-card hand, the dealer shall be given deal an additional card to complete his hand. Any other misdeal to the dealer shall result in all hands being void and the cards shall be reshuffled. Fifth, when playing Caribbean stud poker, all players should keep all five cards in full view of the dealer at all times.

It is probable for the player to mitigate the house edge when playing Caribbean Stud Poker. In general, player should never fold any pair and should always fold anything less that A-K. Simply, play any pair and fold anything less than Ace-King.

It is the strategy of playing Ace-King in Caribbean Stud Poker that really cuts the house edge. If the dealer is showing an ace or king as the face up card, the player should raise an A-K-Q and A-K-J. Raise the A-K if the dealers face up card is not an ace or king and you have that same card in your hand. If the dealer has deuce through five as the turned card, raise the A-K-Q and A-K-J since it most likely that the player has the best hand. Basically, playing the Ace-King optimally is the only way to diminish the house edge in Caribbean Stud Poker. Using the previous strategy in playing Caribbean Stud Poker, the house edge drops to 2.3%, this is very significant.

This article was written by Alexis.


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