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Strategies to win at Razz Poker

Razz poker is one of the simplest poker games played in the casinos these days. All you need is to know the basic rules and regulations of playing this game. Razz poker is quite similar to play as that of the seven card stud low or five card stud low game, but with just opposite objective.

Generally people try playing Razz poker game after having had some experience of playing the seven card stud low or five card stud low game. This might be a complication for most players of such kind as the strongest looking cards in the seven card stud low or five card stud low is the winning card but in Razz poker you need to look for the set of cards having lowest possible value. The lower valued cards will win the game as long as the players do not unfold their cards. But this factor would not keep you worried all the time.

If you become habituated at playing Razz poker, you will find it really entertaining. There is no fixed strategy of playing Razz poker which will let you win every time but by playing more and getting some experience at this game, you can always develop some strategies that will increase your chances of winning.

The best part about playing Razz poker is that the game is played with a percentage of every players bet that is kept in the pot, which is desired to be won by every player. Almost every game of poker can be played with blind bets, but Razz poker is an exception here. Every player has to place an Ante of same amount before any dealing of card begins. A player is now allowed to fold the cards in the beginning of the game. Since the chances of winning seems equal for all the players, the keep themselves away from folding their cards for as long as possible which makes the game highly interesting.

Razz poker uses another kind of bet known as the Bring-In bet, which is a forced bet. The Bring-In bet has to be placed after the first deal has been done. While playing with this bet, a player can fold his cards only if he places the Bring-In bet equivalent to half of low-end stakes placed in the beginning of the game. He can fold his card also when betting comes back to him after taking a round through all the players. Thus you need to be very careful while playing Razz poker and try to bluff effectively as much as possible. You should be good at bluffing to win at this game.

Even if you are sure that you have the lowest valued cards, which is required to win the game, you should not let anyone understand this with your action and behavior. You should play cool and you should also try to guess the kind of cards which your opponents have by their physical action. These are some of the common strategies which you can develop to win at the Razz poker game.

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