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Texas Hold’em Poker: Rules and Popularity

If you are a fan of the Poker game then you must have heard of Texas Hold’em Poker among other casino games. This wonderful version of the poker game has become one of the most popular forms of poker among all other formats of card games. This game incorporates excitement, strategy and fun. If you are not aware as to how to play this game then you must know that it requires at least two players for this type of casino games. If more players join then it this game becomes even more exciting.

The game starts with the first two players on the left of the dealer setting up the blinds for the game. These blinds are of two types, the small blind placed by the person sitting on the left of the dealer and the big blind, which is placed by the person sitting on the left of this person putting up the small blind. Blinds are initial betting amounts placed without looking at the cards. After this, the dealer gives every player two cards in face down direction, which the players will hold on to, and through these two playing cards, the players will be able to decide their stand in the game.

Texas Hold’em Poker is not only among the great casino games but is also famous among many as a household game since it requires a sound mind and keen sense of judgment to win. Coming back to the rules of the game, now we have the exciting part of betting in which the player on the left of the player who called the big blind will be betting depending on the playing cards in their hand. This betting will continue in a clockwise direction until everyone either has put on their bet or has folded. After the first round of betting, the dealer opens the flop or three cards on the table.

Betting continues and then the dealer opens another card knows as the forth street and after that a similar round of betting continues and then the dealer opens the fifth and final card known as the river. After the river opens up on the table, a final round of betting continues and then the player show the two playing cards that they are holding and the combination of their hand and the cards on the table, the person with the best five cards wins the game. Due to its simple rules, Texas Hold’em Poker has become one of the famous casino games in the world. Among all other card games, this game is supposedly the most interesting one due to its simple rule and exciting game play.

If you are playing cards in a casino, which does not have this game among their card games, then you might rethink about playing there. In international poker tournaments and other card games tournament, Texas Hold’em Poker holds a permanent position justifying its popularity. Truly, Texas Hold’em Poker has been able to hold on to its reputation as one of the best casino games in the world.

This article was written by Rupal.

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