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The concept behind the TV show The Apprentice

“You are fired!”: Well, don’t worry. This is the signature line, which was made popular by the world famous TV show, “The Apprentice”. It was hosted by the ultimate business tycoon, Donald Trump. Originally started in United States, the first season of this reality show was aired in 2004. It was a real smash hit on NBC. How intelligently can you deal with the real world business is what make the show’s base. Whether the person has got an MBA degree from one of the Ivy League business schools or just a simple street enterpriser, everyone is given a chance to prove themselves in front of the world’s leading business magnate.

Well, the whole idea behind this unique presentation was to find out the real talents, who can actually think outside the box. Several candidates from all over the nation participate in this elimination-fashioned reality series. Out of the lot, the show executives select 16 most talented people to finally compete in the show. Donald Trump, being the major attraction of the show, meets these 16 candidates after they get qualified at the Trump Tower. These selected people, now, get split into two groups, each having 8 contestants. All of them stay communally in an apartment at Trump Tower.

The real show begins, when host and executive, Donald trump, assigns the first task to the candidates. Now, this is the time when one has to apply his or her smartness, intelligence and tact in order to survive the elimination phase. The elimination round is conducted after every task. The team, which eventually outshines the other, with an impressive task, at the same time cleverly dealing with the time constraints, is declared as the winning team. The winning team is showered with rewards. However, the losing team has to meet the show host Donald Trump at the boardroom, where the least deserving candidate, out of the eight is eliminated.

As the time runs, the difficulty level of the tasks gets higher and higher. All the contestants need to flaunt their skills in different areas of business such as sales, finance, marketing, real estate and all other major terrains. This is not only about your academic proficiencies, but it is more into the fact that how good you are to come up with your own strategies. Thus, it is not sufficient to be a book smart. At the same time, one has to be street smart too in order to outperform others.

Eventually at the 15th (last) episode, two finalists compete with one another. The winner of the series is awarded with a grant opportunity to work as an apprentice to Donald Trump. He or she gets a chance to become the president of any of the companies owned by Trump with an annual salary of $250,000.

The show was developed by the popular television producer, Mark Burnett, who is also known for his another reality venture, Survivor. There are several international versions of, “The apprentice” worldwide. The last three seasons of this show was exclusively made for celebrities and called “The Celebrity Apprentice”.

This article was written by Rupal.

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