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The Lamu Island vacation houses are breathtaking to visit!

If you’re into yoga and meditation, you’re going to love Fatuma’s Tower. It’s a beautiful yoga and meditation home that is for people who need to retreat away from the modern world. It’s set in the back of Shella Village, around 3km north of the town Lamu, and it’s on the beautiful and luxurious island, Lamu. If you’re not into yoga but wish to stay at the resort, that’s no problem. You should know that you’re getting into the simple life while you’re here. The Lamu island vacation houses are a great place to go to get away from the world.

That means no drugs, no alcohol, and getting away from all the drama. You should be into excellent communal meals as well. It’s a great resort for someone who needs rest and relaxation and some time for thinking and reflecting. If you travel a lot and need a place to sit down and rest, this will help, because it feels more like someone’s house than a hotel.  The Lamu island vacation houses are an excellent place to stay, and most find themselves wanting to move in.

It’s located very well, and it’s located right by the beach of Lamu Town. In the beautiful and luxurious main house, there are six rooms in three different floors of the main building. Yes, you can see how competitive it is to get into this luxurious retreat. The ground floor is nicknamed the “Garden Room,” and it has two nice and luxurious double beds with an en-suite bathroom – so that you don’t have to walk all the way down the hall in the middle of the night. Who wouldn’t love to brag that they stayed in the Lamu island vacation houses?

There are two smaller single rooms as well, if you’re just in a retreat by yourself. The first floor balcony contains a double and a single bed together, which is perfect for parents who are staying with their children. The top floor is in a self-contained apartment with private access – wouldn’t you love all-exclusive, private access? The rest of the house is wide, available, and very spacey as well.

Lamu island vacation houses are the best to relax and rest in. The rooms are done in what is known as the Spartan style, to help get a remarkable message across – “you can relax here.”The other house is located in the beautiful island of Lamu as well, and is called the Kijani house. The Kajani house is an excellent retreat, and it’s wonderful to relax in.  The fresh water pounds of the Kajnji house would be enough to make anyone jealous without the added benefit of the boriti ceiling and the makuti roofs. The kitchen offers various different food choices, including crabs, lobsters, and prawns – all straight from the sea. You won’t have to worry about ordering from Kroger here.

The lamu island vacation houses are a beautiful to stay at, and you should definitely go there when you get a chance. Saying you stayed at the Kipungani Sea Explorer is enough to make anyone jealous, because each room has a beautiful, stunning large-side bed. Plus, saying you were able to stay at a Lamu island vacation home is even better.  If you stay at this home, you can dive, snorkel, wind-surf, go deep sea fishing, and go on bird walks.  The Lamu island vacation houses are great for visiting, and even more fun for going on those long walks in the beach. Boast that you stayed in some Lamu island vacation houses today by booking your next rental.

This article was written by Alexis.

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