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The luxury brands of watches

Brands, nowadays, are more like status symbols in today’s materialistic world. If it’s not branded, it’s nothing. The brand fad is heightened when it comes to watches. More than the utility aspect of a watch, it is the aesthetic value that counts. In fact, a branded watch that doesn’t even work is considered higher compared to an unbranded one that does. Luxury brands of watches are worn more as an article of jewelry than as an instrument of time. People prefer to invest in watches as their value, like any other form of jewelry, appreciates with time as most of them are made of pure gold or silver.

There are several luxury brands that manufacture some of the world’s exquisite watches that are more than just time tellers. Rolex, Omega, Gucci, Guess and Calvin Klein are some of the several luxury brands that are recognized world over. Each of these luxury brands is known for its characteristic design, usually designed by world famous fashion designers in the field. Their sense of style and luxury has no bounds. Most of them are studded with extremely precious stones and crafted with expensive coatings of gold or silver. The price range of watches of luxury brands is vast. You can buy a branded one for $500, while the most expensive one will cost you about 25 million dollars.

Considered as the epitome of luxury wrist watches, Rolex is one of the most sought after luxury brands when it comes to watches. Its initial growth began in 1926, when Rolex came up with the world’s first Water Proof watch, called the ‘Oyster Case’. ‘Perpetual’, also manufactured by Rolex, happens to be the first watch capable of automatic winding which used a revolutionary rotor. Sir Edmund Hillary, along with his guide Tensing Norgay, wore Rolex watches when they ascended the Mount Everest in 1953. Today, Rolex manufactures nearly 2000 watches each day and ranks 71 in the list of 100 most valuable global brands.

Omega, like Rolex, also belongs to the elite list of Swiss watch makers. If Sir Hillary wore a Rolex to the Mt. Everest, Omega was the first watch to make it to the moon in 1969. Omega has also managed to remain as the official timer for the 21 Olympic Games since 1932. James Bond, John F Kennedy, George Clooney and Cindy Crawford are some of the several people who use Omega watches. It is believed that nearly 7 out of 10 people are aware of this luxury brand of watches. The brand is known for its innovation and excellence, while its elegant designs are appreciated all over the world.

A more recent luxury brand, Gucci, might not have a reputation as long as some of its competitors but their focus remains more on the design of the watch than on any other aspect. Its founder was primarily a designer, hence their watches different and imaginative. Unlike Rolex and Omega, Gucci is of Italian origins and is the most sought after Italian luxury brand in not just watches but other luxury apparel as well.

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