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The Most Expensive Disney Vacations

A Disney vacation can be quite expensive but if you have extra cash to spare, Disney offers a lot of dining options, entertainment venues, and Disney hotels. If you plan to splurge on the next Disney vacation, check out the choices we have here.

1. Disney’s Grand Floridian. The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is one of the finest resorts Disney has to offer for your Disney vacation. If you’re craving for more than a place to lay your head in between theme-park jaunts, this luxury hotel is the place to be in. You’ll have fun on all of the high-quality amenities Disney offers including a spa. The Spa includes romantic couples massage, and fine-dining experience at the classy Victoria and Albert’s.

The rooms in the Grand Floridian cost from $470 – $1,950 and up per night. Your choices include a standard room, a club concierge room, or a Disney suite. The Suites can range from a 1 bedroom with baths upstairs, to two bedrooms with two baths, sitting room, and bar. A waterfront or garden suite will leave you breathless.

2. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. The cabin was created to mimic an African safari lodge, it is smack right in the middle of three separate savannas where animals allowed to roam freely everyday. The lodge is perfect for couples and families. You thought a trip to the zoo would be entertaining enough, a Disney vacation at the Animal Kingdom Lodge might save an extra trip.

If the stars align or you’re lucky you might get to book the celebrated Royal Assante Suite in your Disney vacation, where a peak out the window will give you a glimpse of zebras, lions, and more. Standard guest rooms cost from $225 to $290 per night, but the luxury suite will cost you $705 to $2,140 per night. It’s a worth every penny waking up so close to nature.

3. Disney VIP Tour. If you don’t want to spend the time and effort to plan your Disney vacation, and don’t care if someone else does it for you, you’ll find that including a Disney VIP Tour Guide to your entourage is your best option. Your personal Disney VIP tour guide will be responsible for working with you to assure you get to the best shows and restaurants, if that is what you want without missing any moment of fun in between.

Your personal guide will be responsible for assisting you in your Disney vacation, which includes creating an itinerary, meal reservations, booking seats for shows, and much more. This type of caring doesn’t come without a price, though. You’ll pay at the very least $125 – $150 per hour for your guide, plus there’s a 6-hour minimum.

4. Adventures by Disney. A Disney vacation is not just a trip to one of many Disney World found around the world. The people from Disney recognizes there are wonderful places to experience all over the world, and Adventures by Disney works very hard to make certain you get maximum experience as much as possible while enjoying all the perks and amenities you would have experienced in Disney’s own theme parks and resorts. Adventure by Disney includes tours throughout Asia, Africa, Australia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, and many more locations all over Europe and North America.

These incredible Disney vacation is well planned and leave very little for you or your family to worry about. Most packages include almost all your meals as well. The convenience doesn’t come cheap – there are 23 adventures in all and the mean price for the Trip on an African Safari ranges from $4,319 to $6,299 per person.

Disney vacation is a magical experience that most families, couples, and children are not able to forget.

This article was written by Alexis.

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