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Two Player Card Games: Conversation Starter

Are you looking for a two player card game that you can share and play with your special someone together? Perhaps you would like to know what two player card game you can play with a visiting friend. There are actually quite a number of two player card games available.

With card games, there are an endless number of things you can play. Some people can even invent their own game. In most cases playing two player card games with a friend or love one is much more fun than playing solitaire or against a computer. Simply because there is nothing more enjoyable than beating your best friend in your favourite two-player card game. Here are some simple two-player card games for two players that are truly enjoyable.

Crazy Eights. The game starts off by shuffling the deck; seven cards are dealt to each player. The left over cards are laid face down, the top card is placed face up to form a discard pile to the side.

Starting with the non-dealer they take turns playing a “legal” card. The following are considered legal card move. If eight is not the top card then a player can play a card that match’s the rank of suit of the previous card. Any 8 card can be placed on top of all other cards; the player placing that card must name the suit to be played right after that. When the top card of the pile is an eight, a player is able to play any card of the nominated suit by the player that played the eight.

The player that is able to get rid of all his cards first is declared the winner, the loser gets penalty points for all his remaining cards, 50 points for eights, 10 for face cards, the rest has a place value penalty.

Beggar-Your-Neighbour. This is a two player card game that is very easy to learn. Even if it may appeal more to children, adults can find it quite fun. It is best played with two people. This is how it is played. First shuffle the deck, then divide it between you and your friend.

A card is drawn by both players.The cards are laid onto the top of the table overlapping the player who played before them. This goes on till one player draws a high card e.g. ace, king, queen, or jack. The player who didn’t draw a high card has to stack the lower cards over the high one — four for an ace, three for a king, two for a queen and one for a jack.
After completion the player who has the high card first gets the pile, the only time for the player to stop this is to draw a high card. The player left with no cards at the end of the game loses.

War. War is a two player card game using a standard 52 card deck. Play starts by shuffling the deck, then divide it and lay it face down. Both players draw one card each. The player with the higher card takes the other persons card and then places that card at the bottom of his deck.
This process is done continuously till one of the players has all the card, that person of course is the winner.

This article was written by Alexis.

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