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What are the criteria’s by which a hotel gets selected in ‘the small luxury hotels of the world’ category?

Today, due to increase in demand, the cut throat competition has paved the way in the evolution of small luxury hotels of the world. More and more hotels are trying to race ahead in the competition, but what should be the criteria to judge if a hotel qualifies of being a small luxury hotel.

Let’s have a look into few of the important criteria -:


This is the prime factory to get selected in the list of small luxury hotels of the world. The hotel is supposed to provide transparent, cost effective rates which are competent and better than their competitors. It is always beneficial as it attracts visitors and guests from all age groups and from all levels. Few hotels have even started to build separate rooms for certain set of people like student, professionals to match the quality and revenue.

World class amenities

The cost is not the only factor but also all the necessary amenities and facilities to feature in small luxury hotels of the world is required. Few examples being supremely furnished rooms and attached bath rooms with world class beauty and cosmetic products. The hotel should have adequate spacing for swimming pool, spa and children corner, and recreation rooms to play all kinds of games. The restaurant should provide sumptuous and mouth watering food with all varieties. The ambience must suit all age groups and the atmosphere should be live wire boosted with shows, events, dance competitions etc. Overall, all the facilities should match equivalent to luxurious hotels.

On line stability and performance

Internet is the best source of reaching global customers and expanding reputation and business revenue and hence the sites of these small hotels should be easy to navigate and should provide efficient booking services integrated with all kinds of common payment gateway used. Customers Reviews and Ratings prove to be a plus point to make new customers and reach more and more global area. The booking system of the web site has to be user friendly and must have strong e-mail notifications to send Customized Booking confirmations mails to increase customer satisfaction.

Tie-ups with leading brands in hotels

It is a good practice to be considered in small luxury hotels of the world. Many high class hotel are tied up with leading brands in the same city for travel, shopping purpose and this can be a great point to attract customer attention as they get maximum benefit of staying, traveling and benefiting from a single point

Great customer service

A good and efficient well trained staff can make the small hotel look luxurious if the service level is of similar nature and class as compared to luxury hotel. Well dressed staff with industry standard communication skills proves to benefit the brand of the hotel and hence this being important criteria to judge whether the hotel fits in small luxury hotels of the world.

Hence, it is important to qualify in above criteria for a small hotel to improve his brand and comes in the elite list of luxurious hotel. It is assured that if a hotel invest money in the above points, they will make it to the list and will perform consistently also.

This article was written by Rupal.

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