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What is a dice cup? What casino games use a dice cup?

Dice cups are generally used for concealment of the dice while playing many games such as poker and backgammon. These cups are used with more than one dice at a time to add to the mystery element of the game. What does the dice cup look like and how can you make one.

A dice cup is normally made with a cup with no handles and it is important for the cup to muffle noises and this is possible with the material of cloth used to cover the cup. You can create your very own dice cup by using a cup without handle placing a cardboard circle at the bottom of the cup and wrapping the mouth with using cloth, rubber, vinyl or a plastic place mat. Use adhesive to keep it in place, since muffling the sound is important vinyl can be used too. Immerse it well, fill the cup with dice and you are ready to start!

Different games in casinos such as the poker and backgammon are played using dice cups. In poker normally six-sided dice with traditional dot faces are generally used per player, with dice cups used for concealment. The game for example can have a player rolling three dice below the dice cup to keep it in concealment and then cover it with the cup. This follows the player telling the next player what he rolled, which can be a bluff. If the next player believes the roller, he simply takes the dice, and tries to roll something higher than the roller claimed. If he does not roll something higher, he must attempt to bluff the following player into thinking that he did or take a drink for another roll. If he does not believe the dice cup is lifted thus revealing the player’s hand.

There are many other variations of using the dice cup as well. For example the case where a Mexican is rolled then you must take the 1 out from under the cup, and place it in front of you. This means that you must have rolled at least one 1 in order to even bluff having a Mexican. Now it is up to the next player to believe you or not.

If he believes the roller (you), he must place the dice on top of the rolling cup, flip the dice up in the air, flip the cup over, and catch the dice in the cup. If he succeeds in catching the dice in the cup, he rolls 1 dice and drinks that many… if he missed, he must roll 2 dice and drink the result. If he doesn’t believe the roller, the roller must lift the dice cup and show if he was bluffing or not.

There are many other games that use the dice cup such as the yacht game which uses five dice in a dice cup and this concept can add a lot of excitement and fun to games for both adults as well as children!

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