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What is a loaded dice? What are the methods of loading a dice?

A loaded dice is basically any dice which has been tampered with in order to get a specific outcome more frequently or almost always. It is inevitable to contain cheating practices when money comes into play and betting is very common in most of the dice games. Some of the other types of tampered dice are crooked dice, cheat dice, shaved dice and iced dice. All the above methods of tampering are very similar to the loaded dice and of course are used for only one reason, to give the necessary outcome.

There are several methods of loading a dice i.e. creating a loaded dice depending on the material with which it has been made. Some of the commonly used materials in making dice are wood, plastics or synthetics, metal with a leather coating, etc. Usually loaded dice are more frequently found made of plastic materials because of the properties of the material and it is least likely to see a leather dice which has been tampered with. A plastic dice for example can simply be loaded by heating one side down in a microwave oven. The opposite side in this case becomes slightly less dense and hence increases the possibility of the desired number with minimal distortion in shape.

There are two other commonly used methods to produce a loaded dice. The melting point of wax is slightly lower than the human body temperature. Hence by placing transparent wax in a dice while manufacturing it can make the dice loaded. The principle behind the working of this dice is that when a player holds the dice long enough in his hands, the wax inside the dice melts and shifts to the bottom side of the loaded dice. Hence the player can precisely predict the outcome of the event, with least suspicion of foul play.

Another commonly used practice of loaded dice in casinos is by placing a small magnet inside a non-transparent or metallic dice. A conducting wire is placed below the table where the dice is tossed, through which current is passed. The particular place then becomes magnetic in nature and attracts the side towards which the magnet is placed. An advantage of this method of loaded dice is that, the current can be passed on and off so that the needed outcome can be controlled and hence kept conspicuous.

A loaded dice is usually tampered when it is first manufactured in order to hide any signs of ambiguity. A wooden dice too can be loaded by carving the dice and then adding a heavier inclusion on one side to get the desired output. Other methods of tampering the dice like shaved dice or crooked dice are different from the loaded dice in the way that, they have uneven edges or unequal sides which increases the chance of a particular outcome.

There are also several manufacturers into the making of such dice and the use of such dice has been growing exponentially at casinos to commoners.

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