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What is WSOP?

One of the most renowned series all over the world for poker tournaments is called the World Series of Poker, in short WSOP. This series was started long back in the year 1970 by a man named Benny Binion. He simply invited a few of his friends who were very good players on poker. The players were invited at a casino named Horseshoe. The game series popular gradually and by the year 1982 the series was successful in adding about 52 players for the series from all over the world. This is how, WSOP- World Series of Poker became so popular.

In the earlier stages, poker tournaments were players on invitation methods later Satellite tournaments were started which gave way to other players to participate in the events for the poker game. In the first few years in the beginning the WSOP were not so –popular but after the 1980’s it became highly popular and new players started to join in not only from America but from other places as well. by the end of 1980’s the WSOP saw almost 2100 players ready to participate in the poker tournaments.

One of the favorite card games by the people whether between two players or among ten players is the poker. Poker is a card game that has many variations as to facilitate two or more players to enjoy being a part of the same game. The most common among all the variations are Stud Poker, Community Card Poker and the Draw poker.

If you want to play poker, first you are required to understand all about the special language that is used in the playing this game. There are certain terms like bluff, conservative play, aggressive play, action and bell, which are essentials to be understood by each and every player in order to begin playing poker.

Next, to start the Poker first put the “token bet” in the container that is like pot. The amount that you put in the container is as per the choice of the players and may start form a few cents and go up to hundreds to thousands of dollars. It is utmost essential to fix the amount that the players will put in the game before they start playing the game.
There are five playing cards that are distributed among the players. The cards have to be kept with the faces down and the one who deals has to start distributing from his/her left hand side. Each player gets one card. Then in the next round the other card is distributed and the next in the next round and the game goes on. The cards that are left are kept in the centre of the table.

Then the players have to pick up the cards that are given to them and the player who was given the card in the first starts to place the bet. Then the remaining players start to bet going one by one from the left. And this way the who one dealt the cards gets to make a bet in the last. It may be so that one who has done the deal may not play the game.
This is just an example of the game that is part of the events. If you are regular poker player and want to participate in the WSOP, they are being held in Rio All Suite hotel and Casino.

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