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Which are the most popular online bingo games?

As the reach of the internet spreads more and more into our daily lives, we resort to the net for even our leisure activities and entertainment rather than just work related communications and networking. As far as online recreation goes, one of the most popular activities for millions is the umpteen online games available like poker, bingo, Counter Strike, Farmville, etc. Such games provide people a break from the monotony of their workday from the comfort of their home or office. Unlike most other games, online bingo games offer the players the chance to chat in real time.

Experts estimate that around the world online bingo revenues gross at half a billion dollars. This would demonstrate the appeal and scope of such online games amongst the public and explain why more and more websites are jumping into the fray offering such games. Unlike regular bingo, online bingo employs a random number generator.

The most popular online bingo games are the 75 ball, the 80 ball and the 90 ball.It is estimated that in the UK, 85% of the women in the age group 20 – 25 play online bingo. Some 350 websites offer bingo games online around the world, proving their immense appeal to people. The other forms of the bingo that are popular online are the Four Corners, the Diamond, the Cover All, the Cross and the Winner’s Circle, apart from the regular version.

The most popular sites cultivate a sense of community amongst their players and even offer bonuses for players. There are sites offering sandbox play, where the players cannot win money but can learn the game and practice without risking their money. There are special features available for online bingo players like auto-daub, where the cards are marked automatically. Also card highlighting and card sorting options are available at some online sites. Such special features allow the players time to chat and interact with each other unlike a regular bingo game where talking is forbidden.

There are versatile sites offering online bingo games to suit every pocket; there are games going where one can play for even 10 cents or so. And most sites sell cards equally to all the players so that the fear of a high-roller is done away with. To make the site more interesting and to retain the interest of the players in between plays, there are chat monitors who conduct games like Dodgeball, roulette, odds and evens, etc. to keep them from getting bored and logging out. Such games offer the regular players a chance to let down their hair and to win some extra cash which is most often used to play more bingo and so the site wins doubly. The latest technologies now allow the playing of Bingo through the magic of interactive television in the UK and so one doesn’t even have to go online to play the game.

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