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Which is better? 75 ball bingo or the 90 ball bingo? Or the latest 80 ball bingo?

Bingo is basically a game where players are handed cards with random numbers and balls with random numbers are mixed and picked leading to players marking the picked ball’s number on their cards. This game as you know now can be played with 75 balls, 90 balls or the latest 80 balls.

The 75 ball bingo game is not fundamentally different than 90 ball or 80 ball bingo. This variety of bingo games just differ in the numbers that is they have 75 numbers and the cards used to play this game is different.75 ball is the predominantly played bingo game in the United States and Canada.

The special feature about the 75 ball bingo game is that it provides multiple patterns that can make the game mush more interesting and exciting. Some of the well known classic 75 ball patterns are 4 corners, one line, and a T. There are many patterns played out in the 75 ball bingo game such as the love pattern, letters of an alphabet, numbers etc. When all 75 numbers are shaded it is called a covercall.

The 90 ball bingo game is the popular style of bingo in the UK, Australia, most of Europe and South America. The difference from the 75 ball bingo or 80 ball bingo game, is that it has cards consisting of 90 squares; three lines with nine columns. The first column contains numbers from 1 to 9, the second column contains numbers from 10 to 19, the third column contains numbers from 20 to 29 and the final column which contains numbers from 80 to 90. This bingo game is played in three stages known as one line, two line and full house. The online game has the player making a mark of horizontal line with 5 numbers in a row on the card. Two lines refers to getting two horizontal lines of five plus five numbers on the card. Full house refers to all 15 numbers being marked on a card. The 90 ball bingo game is available at most bingo gaming halls. The prize distribution varies, but a full house might refer to the largest prize of the bingo game.

The 80 ball bingo is relatively known for its speed as a fast paced game. This bingo game has a board of 16 squares which is 4X4. This is a newer form of bingo gaming and is available only in a handful of bingo gaming halls and online bingo sites. This game provides a balance between the 75 ball bingo and the 90 ball bingo.

It adds five to the 75 model and is ten less to the 90 model of gaming for those who think the numbers are too less or too much. The cards have five lines and 16 columns, split in four groups of different colours for particular number intervals. The win consists of making patterns such as 80 full card, horizontal, vertical line, four corners and centre square etc. These genre of bingo games are rare online, with preference still rather high for the 75 ball or the 90 ball bingo game.

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