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Zilch and its rules!

How do you play zilch?

Zilch is among fun dice games that have been providing people with entertainment opportunities for years. It comes even before the widely used video games these days helps families to sit together & relax for absolutely negligible price. Moreover it is simple easy to learn. That’s why people of all age group including kids & adults are seen deriving fun out of zilch dice game.

The popular dice game of zilch is played with six dices & usually requires the player to follow certain game plan to score high points in it. Any number of people can play zilch but a minimum number of two people can make this game certainly enjoyable. It is an advanced form of Yahtzee where the participating players roll the six dices together build up points adding to the numbers appearing on their dice rolls. The player scoring points past the mark of 10,000 succeeds in the game.

Rules for Playing Zilch:

• Each player has to keep at least one scoring die per roll, while using the remaining to score more points. The player having the highest roll to his/her credit goes first the person sitting on the player’s right makes the next move. Thus the play progresses in an anti-clockwise direction.

• If you are really serious to have your turn then consider rolling over all six dices at a time & use the dice that will help you score maximum points. While rolling a five on any die will give you an opportunity to earn 50 points rolling a one can bring you 100 points. If you are able to roll all the six dices on a different number ranging from one to six then your score becomes 1000 points.

• When three of the same number appears on one roll then your score becomes the 100 points times of the rolled number. Thus you can earn 300 points for three threes on single roll, 400 points for three fours etc. However, rolling three ones will help you score 1000 points. An extra score of 100 points will be added to the points earned for each 4th, 5th and 6th die match (300 for four twos, 400 for three threes, 500 for four fours & 600 for five fives….)

• Look for any dice that can give you maximum points (fives, ones, three of same kind) roll over the rest dices again. You have to earn a minimum of 750 points to start tallying up your points on the score board. Once you achieve the mark you can successfully declare the end of your turn. If your rolls result in anything like six or two fours that fails to bring you any points then you will get a zilch, making you lose the turn without any points mentioned on the board.

• If you are able to earn points on all six dices on single roll (a different number on all dices, two threes of one kind or six of a kind) then you will have to roll the dices again. If the same turn makes you get a zilch then you will have to lose all the points earned from the beginning. But once your turn comes to an end and the points are mentioned on the board, there is no risk of losing them out.

• Proceed until you achieve a score mark of 10,000 points. The other players are also provided with a last turn to achieve more points & exceed the mark. The player who has the maximum score at the end of this turn emerges out as the winner.

This article was written by Rupal.

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