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A Guide To Online Baseball Betting

Being the oldest major American sport, the history of baseball is a rich and colorful history and it the game that has spawned a number of sport-related traditions such as online baseball betting.  An amazing 162 games each season which has made daily betting ingrained for many fans of the game which heightens their excitement about the game. Seeing as the number of games to be played is quite a big one, using the internet for research will be helpful in knowing the most promising odds to go with on a regular basis.  This is one way baseball differs from other games such as football where bookmakers have a window of one week to tweak odds.

The most popular ways online baseball betting is done is the over/under and the money line. With the money line, a bet is simply placed on the team believed to be most likely to win with no extensive calculations or other means of analysis but consideration of factors like a team playing on home ground and its abilities. A major point of evaluation is the matching up of starting pitchers as a really good one can overshadow the odds of a stronger team. It is the minus figure following the favourite or most likely to win that is the indicator of the amount to put down in a bet in order to win $100. For instance, -130 translates into betting $130 in order to win $100. The positive figure after the least favored to win will similarly indicate how much to put down in order to win the same amount. For instance, plus 130 will yield a win of $130 for a $100 bet.

Also, bookmakers will give out a total of the expected scores of both teams.  They may for example give an expected figure of 7.5 total runs with. The decimal is maintained to avoid ties so that there is a clear winner or loser.  A gambler uses this figure by betting the under if you believe the actual figure will be below this and over if you think it will be above this. One way to go that often pays off but is not popular is the run line. It works the same way as a points spread where one deducts 1.5 runs from the favourite and adds 1.5 runs to the less favourite side.

The following should help you win in online baseball betting;

Go with the underdog.

From a purely mathematical approach, online baseball betting pays off more than it results in a loss if a bet is placed on the less favored side if their odds are reasonably good.

If for instance, you regular go with the underdog at + 120, it will take you 45 percent wins to come out even. As the figure rises to+ 140, the percentage drops to about 42.  In the same way, betting on favorites regularly at 150, necessitates wins 60 percent of the time to come out even. As you look at these odds, keep in mind that least favored tipped to win teams win at least 37percent of the time.

Starting pitchers are not everything

They without a doubt make a difference and good pitching is more important than good hitting.

Do not overemphasize the starting pitchers.

Certainly, the starting pitchers do make a difference and it is more important to pitch well than to hit well. Still, extraordinary pitchers are only a handful with the others ranking more or less at the same level.

Home advantage is no guarantee.

Other factors may override the home ground advantage; a team may adapt to the fact that they are playing away from home quite well and a particular playing style may favor a team playing there more than the team that is at home. Most stadiums favor either pitchers or hitters when the benefit is equal to both teams. Home advantage should especially not overrule a case where the other team is much stronger than the home team.

Watch the streak.

In baseball much like in other games, losing and winning streaks are a reality and this should be kept in mind when doing your online baseball betting. The general rule is to not bet against a team on a winning streak or on one with a losing streak.

This article was written by Alexis.

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