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Get A Luxury Bathroom In Your Home

We rarely think about our bathrooms but at the back of our minds we would not mind having a luxury bathroom. it does not matter what kind of personality you have, if you spend hours taking a bath or a shower or jus t few minutes of your time doing so everyday,  you want a good bathroom. This is because we want to make an impression on the guests and we want to cultivate good mental health.  if the last place you want to be is the bathroom, chances are you will always have a  bad mood in the morning and to make it worse you may not be the cleanest person walking around since you are always in a hurry to leave the bathroom.

To make that luxury bathroom a reality, you have to have a plan. Make a decision as to what amenities you want to have in the bathroom. Most luxury bathrooms have the bathtub the shower and the toilet in one room. If all these amenities can fit and leave enough space for you to stay in, then this should be it, if you cannot have all together, you may have to deal with one or two of the amenities or expand the space.

The main amenities are very important, but so are the accessories of a luxury bathroom. Make sure you have enough space to fit the sink and the medicine cabinet. Do not forget the shower curtain, the towel rail and probably a towel cupboard, you may need extra space in the bathroom to store your hair dryer and shavers and the like. Arranging all the amenities so that they fit can be hard in a small space but with an experienced contractor you will get the space you need for all the things you want

After the main amenities come the inside décor of the luxury bathroom. What makes the bathroom a luxury one is the color theme. White is the universal look of a bathroom like this but you can experiment with the colors you want. The lighter shades of all the colors you can think of are perfect. Think about the yellows, browns, reds, greens and purples, wouldn’t they make a bathroom spectacular?

Mixed colors like Peach always works wonders, and if you are going to mix it with another color, make sure it matches the color. Matching them with the color of the towels works wonders, but here is the catch: if you are going to have the same color of towels in your luxury bathroom, you had better make sure you can identify them. You can print or embroider them accordingly to identify one from the other.

There is the danger of looking plain by having a one color theme in your luxury bathroom. While It will be impressive to anyone who steps in, it will look like a waste of creativity if you do not try anything with the shower curtain, or the curtains themselves.

As for the tiles, ensure that they have a little décor, but make sure each one matches the color theme of your luxury bathroom.

This article was written by Alexis.

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