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Australian Hits Jackpot at Online Casino

An Australian made it to the top of casino news by winning the biggest jackpot on on 31 Dec 09. The amount won was a whopping $109,000 to give ‘Brenda D’ a great start to the coming year. The site has previously hit the casino news for its biggest ever payout of $198,180 on the Heavenly Reels slot, when the jackpot was reset to $30,000. With the least ever interval of a win, the jackpot was again hit barely three weeks later when Brenda D hit the lucky streak at the casino. News soon started pouring in and Brenda D became a celebrity overnight.

The site itself hit the casino news when it became extremely popular during the holiday season. More due to the earlier win of $198,180, taking it to the $100,000, figure earlier than expected. WinADay needs no downloads or installation, as it is based on flash, where one can start playing directly on the browser. The feature of Monday Madness adds 10% bonus to deposits made every Monday. The slot games are all connected to the progressive jackpot, thus making it a big win for the players.

Brenda D started playing in the summer of last year and struck her lucky stars while playing on the nine-reel and six-payline Gold Boom slot of to win the big jackpot. She couldn’t believe her eyes she said, and had to call her sister to look at the screen and confirm the win, which soon became headlines on the casino news all over the internet. This is the first time in the history of the site that the manager of the site had personally called a player to confirm the win, said the manager Michael Hilary himself. Brenda D plans to treat her family to a cruise with her new-found riches. What a great way to start the New Year.

This has been one of the highest win at the casino. News hit the internet saying that the play was not an easy one to win. Gold Boom awards a player with a diamond symbol for the bonus spin counter, each time a player collects three diamonds on a wagered line. Players are then allowed to access the game’s bonus spin feature, once they have gathered three diamond symbols in the bonus spin counter. The amount won during play of this feature is calculated on the player’s previous normal wager, thus strategic players are asked to take care of the bonus spin counter and bet accordingly.

It was not long that Brenda D had played and made it to the casino news, when she hit the jackpot progressively after gathering three gold symbols on a wagered payline in the bonus spin feature, along with wagering the maximum bet. That’s a tricky one. One can never know where and when luck would strike, this is one casino news that’s going to spin heads and make one jealous. And why not with more than a $100,000 in her pocket, Brenda D deserves her name on the casino news, and for all the right reasons.

This article was written by Alexis.

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