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Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Whenever there is a Las Vegas scene in a TV Sitcom or a movie or a travel guide, we can always see the magnificent water fountain as a special tourist attraction. That very fountain belongs to the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. The building is made of 30 gorgeous floors.

The Bellagio Casino and Hotel opened in the year 1998 on the 15th of October. The inspiration for the hotel has been taken from the town of Bellagio in the beautiful Italy. The Gaming and Casino area occupies 10,800 square meters of the hotel. The association of the Leading Hotels of the World recognizes the Bellagio Hotel and Casino as a permanent member. It has a man-made lake inspired by Lake Como measuring 8-acres ahead of the main building of the Bellagio. The fountains are located in this very lake and are made to work on music like dancers! It is a truly spectacular view! They have four types of water shooters. It is said that this fountain was built on a golf-course. It employs fresh water at all times.

Another feature of the Bellagio is its incredibly famous lobby which is considered an architectural masterpiece. It is made of more than 2000 glasses that are of a special variety. These are called the Hand-Blown Glass. Going by its water-based marvels, Bellagio has its production called ‘O’. It is directed by Cirque du Soleil. Bellagio Hotel and Casino has been featured in the Ocean Movies (Oceans 11, Oceans 12 and Oceans 13). The Bellagio vault was the one among the three vaults to be looted by Danny’s men. The Bellagio fountains’ beauty was excellently captured in the smash hit movie of the year 2009, The Hangover! Other movies that feature the Bellagio are ‘21’ and ‘2012’. The Bellagio Art Gallery is a must-see attraction that this Hotel has to offer.

There are many restaurants in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. All these hotels are top-notch. They are noted for their cuisine, ambience and the amazing food and its variety. ‘Le Cirque’ is a very playful, bright, hip and happening place based on the theme of Circus. The food menu is arranged likewise. With Bellagio, you get so many specialized restaurants that you get excellent choices and variations and the cooks are their best in the respective fields.

‘Picasso’ is a very sophisticated, intellectual kind of a themed restaurant. It is here that you would like to propose to a lady. Or make a final deal of business and trade and celebrate later. ‘Jasmine’ and ‘Olives’ are very nature-oriented yet modern restaurants cum cafes. They delight you with their atmosphere and calming ambience. Their menu is wonderful and something that one should try. ‘Jasmine’ is very relaxing and an enjoyable experience. Then there is ‘Jean-Georges’ Prime’ which is again very chic and classic. It is sophisticated yet homely, not to say the all the above restaurants i.e. Jasmine, Olives, Picasso are not homely. They are all indeed very welcoming. The others include ‘Sensi’ and ‘Michael Milna’.

The opening ceremony of the grand Bellagio Hotel and Casino cost around 88 million dollars! At its inception in 1998 on October 15, it was the costliest Hotel in the entire Las Vegas Strip and probably North America and the world. It cost around a 106 million dollars!

This article was written by Ridhi Rajpal.

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