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How To Win Scratchers-Secrets Revealed

To win the hit the jackpot through the lotto and become a millionaire overnight is the stuff many people’s dreams are made of. What many people don’t know however is that chances of winning a lottery scratcher as compared the usual lotto ticket.

Some people mistakenly believe that buying from a particular outlet is how to win scratchers. This may because they have seen or found out that one or two people who have bought scratchers from that outlet have won. One factor that may lead to several people winning after buying scratchers in one outlet may simply be that the shop is well-located and quite busy.

Others feel that using their date of birth, numbers from a fortune cookie or other combinations of numbers that has meaning to them is how to win scratchers. It is possible to win with these numbers but there is no improved chance simply because the numbers have personal meaning. Fortunately however, they are things one can do to up chances of hitting the jackpot through a scratcher. There are proven strategies that can be employed to increase chances of winning by as much as twice or three times. This is how some people become winners through scratchers many times over.

Before buying a card, look on the back of it for its odds of winning. Going with those that give you the highest chances is of course how to win scratchers. Different companies do it differently but most of them have odds of one to five of winning so one with a four out of five chance is not a bad one to take a chance on. Normally, it is the cards that cost more that have higher odds.

Different scratchers from different firms perform differently so going for those where people win often and win big is how to win scratchers. Look for the logo and name of the company rather than buy scratchers blindly. If a company doesn’t often award winners often and good amount of money, go for another one. That is why serious ones will often indicate that a jackpot is guaranteed.

Checking newspapers, websites and other sources of information for recent winners of scratchers is also how to win scratchers. If there has been a big win in the recent past, then give another big win some time before it comes around. It is a business and they do rely on people buying the scratchers to make the winning money and make profit. Choose another company’s scratcher or give the one you are eyeing a while.

You may also ask the person selling you a scratcher a few questions like when the last time somebody won after buying a scratcher from them and how much they won. Ask them if anyone has won in the last week or two weeks. Companies like to spread the odds among various locations in different amounts, big and small and this info will help you gauge whether you should buy from here or move on. Ideally, buying from an outlet where wins do happen often but there hasn’t been a big one in the very recent past is how to win scratchers.

You may also want to spread your chances around by buying tickets in various denominations rather than only those that cost maximum amounts or many that cost the least. Maximizing your chances by buying scratchers of various denominations is how to win scratchers.
Those are a few tips on how to win scratchers. Hopefully, these and lots of good luck will be on your side to see you emerge the next big winner.

This article was written by Alexis.

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