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Luxury vacation rentals are fun to rent

When you first arrive to a new place to stay in a new city, especially a new one that’s abroad, the first thing most people seek out is the “home instruction guide”, meaning, a reference of what they should do while in the city. Most vacation rental owners provide one to enhance the beauty of their guests’ stay. It is the home instruction guide to a wonderful touring agency. The luxury vacation rentals are a wonderful place to stay, and one should definitely stay there if they get the chance.

If you’re interested in keeping your guests happy, you should include one of these books at every single one of your luxury vacation rentals. Why? Because it’s such a wonderful way for your guests to experience the new world around them. Also, you’re local to the area – they aren’t. It’s a much quicker and easier reference, and it saves a lot of time of calling the buyer calling you. It is the key to having happy guests. The luxury vacation rentals are so wonderful. The luxurious properties have turned their books into a wonderful form and some are suitable for publishing as a city guide.

In your book, include the home’s street address, the home’s telephone number, the number for the local police (as this will most likely be different than the 911 Americans are used to dialing), the number for the fire house (if it is different from the police), and private security in the neighborhood or in your building. It should also include the manager’s phone number, where he or she is currently staying, what hours they can be reached by phone, and alternate contacts in case an emergency happens (like burglars broke into the house, or something even worse).

You must include emergency numbers in the book — luxury vacation rentals are still houses and can sometimes have problems – so you should always include the number of a good locksmith, mechanic, and a good electrician. It’s also ideal to include the number of a handyman and a plumber. (Make arrangements about who is going to pay for repairs before you rent out the house). Luxury vacation rentals are fun to rent out, but it’s important to please your guests so they keep coming back… and so they don’t toilet paper your yard.

You should also include the key to checking out and checking in, especially if you’re not going to be home. For example: “Check out is at 9:00 PM on Sunday night, 11/11/11. Leave a spare key next to the dishwasher under a white bowl. Place a check for all home repairs under the same bowl addressed to X.” Or, “Make sure all your personal belongings are gone when you leave the luxury vacation rentals.”

Be sure to include a list of who else can come to the home. Include first and last names of gardeners, caretakers and other service providers, like cleaning crews, and what they are allowed to access. For example, a cleaning woman will only have access to the inside and the outside of a house; a gardener will only have access to the outside. It should also include what their usual schedule is.

You should also mapquest the local hospitals, the local walk-in clinics, where the nearest ATM and money exchange is; where the nearest airport is; where the nearest train station is; and where the nearest bus station, post office, or other express mailing station is; the various grocery stores, butcher, baker, liquor stores (this one’s really important), clubs thoroughfares, and places of worship and various phone numbers.

This article was written by Alexis.

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