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Online Slots – 5 Winning Slot Strategies

What do you think about when online slots machines come up? You probably think about well-off business people dressed in designer labels, driving around in posh cars and successfully hitting jackpots one after the other. The beliefs people have about the gains they can make at online slots is one of the main reasons that casinos operating them give as much as 80 percent of their yearly revenue only online slots.

If you are just starting out and see your fortune in slot machines, you need to approach them with some pointers to increase your chances of winning rather than get into it blindly. See five important factors you need to keep in mind to get some good winnings.

1. Choose right

Choose theonline slot machine you will use depending on how much you have at your disposal and what you want to achieve in terms of winnings. If you can afford to lose and after the thrill of winning a large amount of loot, go for a progressive machine. If you want to play for a longer period of time and make something, even a modest amount and not necessarily large amounts, go for a slot machine with small jackpot amounts but with pay table offers of small to medium amounts.

2.  Maximum spins

Considering the more advanced online slots bonus games around that are in use today, don’t minimize your chances by playing only on older models which feel familiar and safe to you. If you’re just starting out, start with free-play mode on new machines to develop your skills and ensure you don’t lose by placing bets when you haven’t got a lot of practice as it is practice that will hone your skills and give you better odds.

3. Push it

Choose a betting level you are confident about and place your bet with maximum coins possible. If for instance you want to bet $1 use as many quarters as your slot machine will take. Using the maximum coins available will qualify you for high payouts.

4. Check everything out

Understand how pay lines work before placing your bet. Some kinds of online slots have over 25 of them which do not require the use of maximum coins as this lowers the odds of winning big payouts never mind progressive jackpots. Rather, in such a case, it is not only maximum coins that should be used but maximum pay lines as well.

5. Bonus Rounds

Always make use of bonus rounds offered on online slots if playing with some or all coins won on a regular spin. Bonus rounds offer higher winnings so don’t let the oppurtunity pass. Keep in mind however that the higher chances of winning come with the chance of losing all your winnings.

Those are the five crucial factors to keep in mind when it comes to betting on online slots. Just remember that with online slots it all comes down to luck rather than strategies so good luck!

This article was written by Alexis.

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