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Luxury Mobility Scooters Are More Than Mobility Scooters

Luxury mobility scooters are the epitome of style and elegance, a far cry from what used to be. For long time mobility scooters performed just the basic, and for those who had lost the ability to walk this was fulfilling more than enough of their expectation. With time, these scooters changed, now that a lot more people have been forced to use mobility scooters in their day to day lives. Scooters are used by those who are not comfortable in wheel chairs and old people who do not have the strength to walk.

While still maintaining the same function of moving around easily, luxury mobility scooters have style.  They are more comfortable and you will not be embarrassed being seen on one. They are more stable with three and four wheel scooter available. There are those designed for internal use, and those for use when indulging in the beauty of nature.

There is a huge difference between the basic mobility scooters and the luxury mobility scooters. While the basic designs are more functional, the luxury type are both functional and ergonomically designed while adding an aesthetic value to your home. They can be dismantled and stored away thus will occupy little space in a home.

Luxury mobility scooters give a lot of options to the user, with a recliner and swiveling feature on the seat. The comfortable cushions on the seat and its support of the lower and upper back help a lot. They can attain faster speeds than the basic scooters and are friendlier to the earth compared to the basic scooters. Luxury scooters use batteries for operation, which can power the scooter for several hours without the need for a recharge. In cases of emergency, most of these scooters come with a spare battery. With a longer battery life, a new range of these mobility scooters are more comfortable and easy to use.

There are many brands of luxury mobility scooters, like Piaggio and freerider, all of which have their own version of the basic and luxury scooters. These scooters feature foot rests, which can be adjusted in the event that the user does not want to use it.  An ergonomic feature is available for resting the head.

Luxury may have been taken to a whole new level with a different kind of luxury mobility scooters. Most of these scooters will indicate the speed at which the user is travelling and are more durable. They are adjustable, so it can be used by several users. While some people may not really care what color their scooters are, it has been seen that a variety of colors is appreciated. Aside from the basic black, there are versions of darker blues and a mellow gray among other ranges of colors.

To add to the beautiful features of the luxury scooters is the warranty that they come with, most of them being three to four years.  These scooters are generally lighter in weight and easier to fold and put away than the basic scooters.  Getting luxury mobility scooters will be an investment worth making at the end of the day.

This article was written by Alexis.

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