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Learn To Play Craps Like You Have Been There; Done That

For a person who wants to play craps, the beginning is intimidating but the last thing you want to experience is intimidation. With the noise that the experienced players make at the craps table, any new player will feel intimidated.   It is not the noise that intimidates people, rather the prospect of losing the game or a wager, especially if you are new to playing craps. You have to approach this game with confidence and you will learn fast. This is one of the most interesting and exciting games in a casino if you learn how to play. Craps is a game of rolling dice and determining the outcome through wagering. It is played online and in the real casinos and has its origin from the Roman Empire.

There is nothing confusing or complicated about craps.     you have to learn the basics to play craps , how to make a pass line bet and to steer clear of some bets that do not have a lot  of chances of winning the game. Getting in the game requires you to learn the trends, which we are going to get into later.

Here is how you make a passline bet when playing craps. You start to play craps by placing a bet, which is a number between two and 12.   This is because there are two dices to roll, which can only yield a sum of 2 to 12 at any one time. After making this bet, the shooter, who is the player in line, will make his roll.  Winning in this case happens when the shooter makes a roll of the sum of two numbers, 7 or 11.   You will lose if the numbers rolled are 12,3 or 2.  The point number is any other number rolled, that is not 2, 12, 3, 7 or 11. Incase the shooter rolls a point, he will have to roll it one more time before rolling a 7. If he rolls a 7 before rolling the point, he wins but if he rolls the point before rolling a 7, he loses. The loss of the shooter is a win for you.

You can learn how to play craps by leaning from the casinos offering lessons, since you have to put your skills to practice in order to win. A lot of wagering is done when playing craps and there are a lot of etiquette rules that govern the game. Normally, the craps table is manned by two to four ‘referees’ who are the employees of the cession.  They will give chips to the winners of the wagers and they will control the game. They will also collect the money from the players.

In this game there can be as many players as the table size will allow. Usually craps is more of a game for the spectators who place wagers on the passline bets. Before the shooter rolls out his dice, the other players must place their wagers on the table.   The employees will distribute he bet money to the winners of the game and then another bet is made to play craps.

This article was written by Alexis.

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