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Experiencing The French Capital

Lovers of the French culture will love the idea of visiting the French capital, the world capital of fashion. The arts are alive and well in Paris France and it is the home of some of the finest names in fashion design and arts. French wine is another attraction for people visiting France. For the dreamy lovers who are attracted to the prospect of finding true love in the capital of love, there has  never been a better time to visit Paris France. There is always something to do in Paris. Whether it is a famous art gallery holding an event or perhaps the Paris fashion week is going on. If you are not a fan of any of these I’m sure you will be attracted to the sights and sounds of the Paris nightlife as well as shopping in the streets of Paris.

Then, there is the taste of French wine, which is said to have ingredients that have kept the French free of heart diseases.  The French, by the way have the lowest rate of heart diseases in the world. Among the other myths about French wine is that it is said to be the reason many French women are slim.  You should not leave the French capital without taking a stop at one of the wineries and participating in some wine tasting events.

The best way to appreciate the French capital is to be down with it. It is great to be among the locals, eating at their restaurants and having a feel of the true French culture. There are so many restaurants that you will be spoilt for choice. You can partake of some of the finest menus in France. With more than 50 restaurants dotting the Paris landscape, you are sure of good quality wherever you go.

if you are a first timer in the French capital, get a guide ,which will give you a rough idea as to the restaurants and the places you want to visit.  It will give you directions to the Paris landmarks and interesting places to visit. The amazing thing about Paris is that even if you visit the restaurants that are classified as low-end, you will not have to deal with less quality food.  Some guides will help you to choose a restaurant according to the food its serves.

As for the accommodation you do not have to choose a hotel that is high tend for accommodation. a nice way to be in France and savor the French capital is by being  in the middle.  While there is nothing wrong with getting into a high end hotel you may not be able to experience Paris like a local Frenchman does. Guides will give you a breakdown of hotels, and you can choose one according to what your pocket can handle. You have the choice of the bed-and breakfast accommodation options with cozy bed perfect for backpackers. If you want comfortable place with more than enough amenities for you there are several five star amenities to choose from.

This article was written by Alexis.

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