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New Casino Games From Micro-Gaming

With the new casino games making their débuts in the market, there seems to be no end to the thousand of options available to gaming lovers. With the many brands of online gaming websites, there are even more to keep you glued to your favourite game of chances. New games are soon to be launched some which already have an online version. Some of the best casino games have been created by microgaming, and this trend has excited gamers. The world received ‘soccer safari’ very well and when the world cup ended there are still a lot more games in the pipeline for lovers of chances.

Kids and kids-at-heart will love this one; where the world of scary creatures comes to life. ‘Monsters in the closet’ is one of the new casino games created by this brand. Icons of interesting and scary looking monsters form part of the game.  These icons are in the doorways to different points as well as bonuses, moving in this game consists of scatters bonus rounds and wild spins.  You will be reminded of the times when eerie shadows and imaginary monsters gave you nightmares

The tiger’s eye adds to the new casino games created by microgaming with several free spins. It is the free spins that make this game different from the others of its kind .a free spin will get you a multiplier, which is challenging to come by but makes this game worth a try. Several credits and coins make the game all the more interesting

Lovers of festivities, good wine and good food will love Steinfest, one of the many new casino games created by this brand one has to build wining combinations to win the game. A lot of free spins are available, and you can download this game for a cheap price and play it on your computer.  There are great and interesting bonuses, so you do not want to let this opportunity go.

Last but not least is the dolphin coast slot game, an interesting among the new casino games. If you love the blue ocean with its interesting creatures, the dolphin coast slot will be a chance to indulge your love for nature and winning lots of bonuses. This is an expanded way of winning online casino games. Dolphin coast has a lot more options. You will get several free spins when three dolphins appear on the screen plus several multipliers. Here, you can gamble your way into more winnings by predicting the color of the card that will appear next.

Microgaming is one of the best gaming houses for several reasons. It is always churning out something new for the lovers of the casino online games. By the time several weeks will have passed, you will be sure that microgaming will have several options for you. Playing any game made by microgaming is exciting and easy to learn. It is also fast and the bonuses are also many. Everyone is a winner with any of the new casino games

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