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Online Slots v.s Physical Slots in a Casino

Are you aware of this fact that slot machines provide the real thrill in any land based casino game? It is true that players can win more money in land based casino games rather than in newly emerging online casino game varieties including poker, blackjack & roulette etc. Though online casino games come close to live casinos yet they differ a lot. No matter how much popular are online slots but they are not going to offer you the excitement of playing “real-casino” or you can say there will be no pressure of winning, no crowds to cheer up & no cash to accumulate in online casino games.

The online slot machines have many features common to a physical slot machine & the most interesting thing is that both of them are run by software. It is the pure luck which pays out in rolling a real pair or dice or spinning a real roulette wheel but the online form of these two games is not that much uncertain.

A computer chip is installed inside a physical slot machine whose programming controls the way it pays out. The chip usually contains a number generator & some sort of programs which helps it function in the similar way as that of online slots. The only difference is that one manages the real spinning wheels & flashing lights while the other on produces the pictures of flashing lights & reels.

Online Slots vs. Physical Slots:-

The online slots at casino games offer a great many advantages over physical slots. A player can have easy access to an unlimited variety of slot games in online casino while in a live casino, it purely depends on the availability of physical space. So players are definitely going to enjoy playing online slots which come with great many features & themes. An online casino game even allows you to play slots for no cost before deciding to put money on which game.

A maximum of 20 symbols can be hold in a physical reel and a physical slot machine won’t be able to contain more than three reels at a time. Such kind of restriction is found to be missing in case of online slots. An online slot machine can support an unlimited number or reels & symbols as well. It is the unique programming of RNG (Random Number Generator) in an online slot machine that enables it to show up certain symbols in a different combination which is nowhere related to the number of symbols. Thus online slots can give rise to most unlikely or rare combinations thereby increasing the chance of players to hit these combinations & make the casino to pay out for them.

The random number generator in all online slots are programmed to make it possible for the player to find winning jackpots of six & seven figures which are highly impossible in case of physical slot games. Though spending more money could increase your chance of winning great rewards in any casino game but you need to be little careful while investing them in slot machines as they can take away your money faster than any other card games.

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