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Planning a family vacation to Disneyland

The one place that every child wants to visit before he grows up is Disneyland. The fixation and obsession that young children have with cartoons and characters like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and Hannah Montana can be satiated only when you take them to this wonder world. Most parents are hesitant in planning a family vacation to Disneyland because of the conventional set of myths that are attached to the place. It is a common belief that a trip to this park will run your bank accounts dry. However, if you plan your trip well and keep your eyes open for attractive and beneficial offers, you can have a phenomenal trip to Disneyland and back by spending a reasonable amount of money.

The first thing that parents need to decide while planning their family vacation is their budget. It is only after they have zeroed on an amount which they are willing to spend on the vacation can they make other decisions related to the travel like tickets, hotel bookings etc. Once a reasonable amount is set aside for the trip which has provision for all the needs of the family while on vacation, research can be initiated regarding special offers and discounts. Disneyland attracts millions of people from all parts of the globe and is hence, always crowded.

For monetary benefits as well as a precaution against standing in never ending lines, parents should try to plan their family vacation in the off season. Generally, January to October is the best time to visit Disneyland as you would be saved from the Christmas rush.

It is amazing how this small change in dates can save a substantial amount of money. Another very smart way of saving big bucks is to keep track of travel websites which keep introducing interesting offers from time to time. There is a huge variety of packages which can be chosen from according to the requirements of the family. There is also a huge list of hotels you can choose from. In slag seasons, you might even be able to afford a room in the Disneyland Resort. If not, there is a sea of good hotels around the park which are just as efficient in making your family vacation memorable.

Ask your hotel for a shuttle which can drop you to the park. If the hotel does not have that facility, then you can hire a modest car rental to drop you there. As far as air fares are concerned, the earlier you book, the more money you save.
While planning your trip to Disneyland, keep all eyes on the official Disneyland website. The passes for the park can be bought online. Other information relating to the park is also available on the website.

Once you are on your family vacation and have reached Disneyland, just ensure that you stick to your budget and avoid splurging on unnecessary shopping. It is always advisable to reach the park half an hour before it opens so that you have a good place in the line. Also remember to lay your hands on a map which can guide you throughout the park. Ensure that you devour everything Disneyland has to offer. After all, it is not every day that you get to be here.

This article was written by Rupal.

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