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Planning a family vacation to India

If you are in the process of planning a family vacation and are hunting for a destination which can offer you a memorable time, then India is the place you should consider. This is one of the very few countries which can offer you a great variety of cultures, languages, food and locations. You must visit India once to discover that you don’t always have to spend huge sums of money to be able to have a phenomenal vacation. There are all kinds of terrains and climates that can be found in different parts of this country. The people here are extremely warm and the Indian tradition teaches them to treat their guests like they would treat God.

India is a very vast country; hence you need to know exactly what parts of the country you need to cover while planning a family vacation. Food, accommodation, travels and shopping is relatively cheaper in India when compared to the other parts of the world. These arrangements can be easily done over the internet. if you make your bookings well in advance, then you might even stand a good chance of getting good deals or great upgrades at hotels. There are all kinds of hotels in every part of the country. each one of these hotels have a peculiar class of people that they appeal to. The hotels which provide basic amenities can be booked for very reasonable sums.

Air fare will be one of your very few major expenses while planning a family vacation to India. But there are a lot of airlines that fly to various parts of India regularly and making bookings in time can save you a substantial amount of cash. For travelling within the country, you can opt for any of the low cost airlines which are just as efficient or you can experience travelling by the Indian Railways which has a very dense and impressive network. Public transport is also in place in most cities and there are tourist guides available everywhere who will enlighten you while sightseeing.

Food in India is one of the main attractions of the country. As you travel through various cities, the flavors and preparations of food keep changing according to the culture of the people as well as the climate. Make sure that you don’t miss the local delicacies of different regions. India is also known for its beautiful handicrafts. While planning a family vacation to India, keep a reserve n your budget for souvenir shopping.

As far as luggage is concerned, please ensure that you travel light and keep unnecessary things at home. Check on the existing climate in the cities you are going to be visiting and pack your clothes accordingly. Another thing to keep in mind while planning a family vacation to India is that the water here is not very safe to drink. Hence, it is advisable to completely rely on bottled water which can be easily found in all parts of the country. If you keep these tips in mind, there will be little for you to worry while in India.

This article was written by Rupal.

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