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Romantic Dinner: The Recipes that keep you together forever!!

The recipes that ‘am going to disclose are easiest and the tastiest of all that brings couple together to a life long bonding. Though this Romantic Dinner is mainly chosen keeping in mind the taste of women but men can not even forget its lingering taste. The tip is- better get it prepared well before time so that you do not need to slave around the kitchen when you are required more in the living room. So, are you impatient? Okay, let’s be there for Dinner Recipes which are also very manly too.

Let’s start with a tangy drink “White Sangria”. It is a simple drink to make with the actual power to turn on both of you on your special day. The ingredients needed to prepare this include:
A chilled bottle of White Wine (Dry), ½ Cup Vodka (chilled), 4 medium sized limes, ½ Cup of Sugar, tonic water as required, and leaves of mint to garnish.

Cut two of the limes into thin slices and take out juice from the other two. Add all the ingredients available except the tonic water, in a medium sized container. Put it into a refrigerator for about 1 to 2 hours. Before serving put ice cubes inside the glass and pour it over it. Top it with required amount of tonic water and then garnish it with mint leaves. So, isn’t that a tasty way to start your Romantic Dinner-what do you say?

A perfect Dinner Recipe can help both of you to have a nice, romantic dinner. So, presenting the most wanted and mouth watering salads- “Creamy and Tangy Caesar Salad”.

Salad Requirements:
• Torn, Washed, Dried Roman Lettuce ½ head.
• Large garlic flavor Croutons 1½ Cup.
• 3 tablespoon Parmesan Cheese grated freshly.
• Black pepper grounded freshly- for the taste.

• 2 Filets of Anchovy
• 2 cloves of garlic
• Low fat mayonnaise 1 Cup
• Half ‘n’ half ¼ Cup
• Parmesan cheese grated freshly 1/3 Cup
• Lime juice 2 spoon
• Dijon mustard 1 spoon
• Worcestershire Sauce 2 spoon and
• Pepper and salt to taste

Once you are ready with the ingredients it takes little time to prepare this. To make the dressings first you have to bring the anchovy and garlic to a mince in a blender. After the mincing is over all the rest ingredients should be added and blended for 30 to 45 seconds. Finally refrigerate for 3 hours by adding little milk to it. Later on after taking it out from the refrigerator give it a toss with crutons and lettuce and decorate it with pepper and cheese.

I wish, having such a good start both of you must be dying to have a memorable Romantic Dinner. Therefore, without wasting time let’s present the “Shrimp Linguini”. I bet there could have been nothing better than this Dinner Recipe to win each others heart.

To prepare this just boil the linguini in salted water and drain it. Melt a spoon of butter and by adding mushroom to it sauté a little. Soon after that again heating ¼ butter adding with garlic and cream cheese. Once they are melted put parsley and basil to it and sim it for 5 minutes. Finally you are ready to serve it with a tossing of cooked pasta and a dash of parmesan.

This article was written by Rupal.

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