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Things to keep in mind if you are hosting a dinner party for a hundred people

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Hosting a proper dinner party is not an easy job and if it is for a hundred guests or more, then it requires proper planning and estimates. The first thing to remember while planning such a huge party is to select a proper theme for the party. This way, you will be able to create [...]

How to Choose an Outfit to Wear for a Nobel Prize Dinner?

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Attending the Nobel Prize dinner is no ordinary task. It requires proper preparation that includes proper attire for the event. There are certain guidelines that you must follow for attending a Nobel Prize dinner party. In this kind of parties, the ladies are usually expected to wear long or short elegant dinner party dresses, whereas [...]

Romantic Dinner: The Recipes that keep you together forever!!

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

The recipes that ‘am going to disclose are easiest and the tastiest of all that brings couple together to a life long bonding. Though this Romantic Dinner is mainly chosen keeping in mind the taste of women but men can not even forget its lingering taste. The tip is- better get it prepared well before [...]

Ways to improvise your love- Romantic Dinners

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Romance is the essence of life. Without sprinkles of love and romance our life becomes dull and lifeless. So it is important for all of us to be little romantic. So we should devote a complete day once in a while with our loved one. We should take a day off from work and spend [...]

Ideas to hosting a romantic dinner for your spouse

Friday, July 30th, 2010

A romantic dinner at home for your spouse does not require any special occasion. Neither one has to be an expert cook. This would be a wonderful way of gesturing and showing love for your spouse. It does not matter the host is a man or a woman, the dinner party should be organized in [...]

Romantic Dinner Recipes for your Loved One

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

There are many romantic gestures that tell your loved one how much you care. But nothing spells love and romance quite like a special romantic dinner. A well cooked romantic dinner, with candle light and soft music in the background can sweep your partner off his or her feet and make it a night [...]

Make your spouse feel special by having a romantic dinner party.

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Both of you work really hard and see each other only at the dinner table everyday. What would be better than a beautiful romantic dinner to spend some quality time strengthening your bond with your spouse? You don’t need a special occasion to make someone you love feel special. Here are some great tips and [...]

Tips to throw a Nobel Prize Dinner Party

Monday, April 12th, 2010

A dinner party is always a time for fun and frolic. There is a lot of planning involved and when it’s a Nobel prize dinner, it needs a lot of planning and precise execution. A Nobel prize dinner is meant to be a way of celebrating the achievement of the Nobel prize. This means [...]

The Ultimate Luxury Yacht Dinner Party

Friday, April 9th, 2010

If you are throwing a dinner party and are looking at the different places you can host it at, start with the luxury yacht. There is nothing that spells luxury, comfort and extravagance quite like a luxury yacht. A yacht dinner party is a great way of celebrating those important events of your life. Be [...]

Plan a romantic dinner for your loved one!

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

When planning a romantic dinner for two, one must take care to plan a meal that has a special significance, and is easy to serve yet at the same time, is a little different and not run of the mill. An elaborate meal with lots of courses requiring running to and fro will spoil the [...]